Will Bkav participate in the Crypto and Blockchain market?

Bkav Group is recruiting financial staff related to Crypto and Blockchain fields and will most likely participate in this market.

Recently, Bkav’s recruitment page suddenly posted information about the search for financial specialists in the field of Cryptocurrency/Blockchain.

Accordingly, this group is recruiting 2 employees in the field of Cryptocurrency/Blockchain with the main job of Crypto research to identify investment trends in the market.

In the job description, Bkav wants its candidate to be in charge of developing short, medium and long-term financial plans in line with the business plan. In addition, their duties also include analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of financial plans for business projects.

Bkav Group is recruiting financial staff related to crypto and Blockchain fields.

Candidates are required to have knowledge of Cryptocurrency/Blockchain, have more than 1 year of crypto investment experience and 2 years of experience in the financial field (financial analysis, risk control, cost control…) . In return, they will receive a level of 600-800 USD, equivalent to about 14-18 million VND.

The above job posting makes many people wonder because Bkav Group is often known for its security services and some hardware products.

When VietNamNet questioned whether Bkav will soon participate in the Crypto field, the representative of this corporation confirmed the above information but said that there has not been any official information.

Most recently, Bkav has just entered the digital transformation field with the launch of a comprehensive set of solutions for Bkav DX digital conversion platforms.

In early May this year, this group also announced the birth of a member company Bkav Hardware Solution (BHS). This is a company specializing in providing research, development and manufacturing services of electronic products.

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