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Why were army tanks deployed outside banks in China, know its inside story

Chinese Tank Outside Bank: You must remember the incident of Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989 in China. When the Chinese government massacred its own innocent civilians who were protesting. Then a common citizen of China stood in front of the Chinese tanks to protest. That picture is known as “Tank Man”, but now once again China has taken tanks on the streets against its common citizens. These tanks have been installed outside the banks of China so that the common citizens cannot reach the banks and the banks do not have to return their money.

No one would have thought that China’s own businessmen and leaders, who are rapidly moving towards becoming the world’s No. 1 economy, will make the economy in such a situation that even the banks will not have money to return their own people’s hard earned money. . But what happened that China’s banks are in such a bad shape? And what is the inside story of this whole matter. Today we talk about these questions.

common citizens are not getting their money

This incident is being told of Henan province of China, where people have accused Chinese banks that they are being prevented from withdrawing their savings from banks since April 2022, due to which thousands of people demonstrated outside the bank, After which it was said on behalf of the branch of Henan province of Bank of China that the bank would return their money to these citizens in installments, for which the first installment of money was fixed on July 15, but July 15 came and passed. But still people could not get their money. After which, seeing the demonstration turn violent in Henan province, tanks were deployed outside the banks by the PLA so that people could not reach the bank. Not only this, efforts are also being made by the Chinese police to suppress this demonstration.

After all, why banks are not able to return the money

But the question arises that why did the Chinese banks, which are called the world’s second largest superwar, have such a condition that they are not able to return the money of the people. In April 2022, a news was published in the South China Morning Post in which bank scams in China were disclosed. It was claimed that about $ 6 billion i.e. 47 thousand crore rupees are missing from Chinese banks and since April, banks have stopped giving money. However, banks say that due to the system upgrade, they are not able to give money. Apart from this, one reason is also being told about the bad condition of real estate in China. Banks have distributed money to big property dealers but they are not able to return the money and banks are not able to take action against them due to being close to the Xi Jinping government. Due to which the common people of China are suffering.

Drowning business and rising unemployment

There are also many reports of sinking businessmen and rising unemployment in China. Professor Zheng Yuhuang of Tsinghua University has also said that the year 2022 will be very difficult for China. It was told by Zheng that in the first quarter of 2022, 4.60 lakh companies have been closed in China and 31 lakh business families have been bankrupted. He had told that in 2022, crores of youth will go out in search of jobs after completing their studies in China, due to which the crisis of jobs will increase and 80 million youth are already unemployed in China.

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