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Why they decided to become parents

“Our son will be able to help improve the world”

Olympe and Nathanaël, married for two years, a first child for November

She : “Having children was part of my life project. I have always had the maternal instinct. I adore children. Of course, the influence of society, like that of our respective families, also played a role in our decision. We are both from a united family, made up of three siblings. We also plan to have three children, which seems richer in education than a family with one child. With this child, our life as a couple will continue to build and grow richer. Our generation is more aware than previous generations of environmental issues. I understand that some women do not want to have children for ecological reasons. There is no obligation to reproduce. It’s a super intimate decision, unique to everyone. My parents are impatiently awaiting the birth. They can’t wait for us to discover the joy of being parents. “

→ MAINTENANCE. “Each birth benefits the whole of society”

Him : “Before talking about marriage, we were already talking about the children we would have later. At one point, after returning from a humanitarian trip to Nepal, a choice of life arose for me. I was torn between a two-year mission abroad in Haiti, where I would have gone alone for security reasons, and a life as a couple and as a family. I chose this one. We then decided to get married. In the current context of a global pandemic, social and climate crisis, our son will be able to help improve the world, to be a resource person. We belong to a generation of parents aware of these environmental issues, the consequences of which on the human level are unimaginable. More than my name, I want to convey my values ​​to him. The same ones worn by my grandmother who just left us at the age of 94. Respect for what surrounds us, the world, nature, in order to be respected by it. Awareness of the other, sharing, mutual aid ”.

“Transmit our love”

Magalie, 39, who has been following an in vitro fertilization course for five years

“I met my husband quite late, after a very complicated affair with a man who didn’t want children. This new meeting changed my life and quite quickly, I, who had never imagined myself as a mother, wanted to start a family. A year after we met, we tried to have a baby in order to transmit our love. This need for transmission is very strong and carries us through the difficulties we encounter. I have, in fact, discovered infertile and have been engaged, for several years, in a path of medically assisted procreation. The treatments are trying, we have had several failures. I also had to reorganize my life: change jobs, lose 15 kg, etc. But we still believe in it as much. We are projecting ourselves into a happy future: having a house close to schools, for example. My husband can already imagine himself doing skin to skin with the baby, and I buy a blanket or a small bodysuit before each new embryo transfer. It’s my way of staying positive. “


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