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Why the talks between Taliban and Panjshir broke down, Ahmed Masood rejected the offer to join power

Afghanistan Crisis: For the past few days, the ongoing efforts for a settlement between the Taliban and Panjshir have suffered a setback. Negotiations have broken down between the two sides. Panjshir’s National Resistance Front said the talks broke down because the Taliban had threatened war and attack, along with personal offers to Ahmed Masood in the talks.

A statement issued by the National Resistance Front said that while the Taliban had proposed the front’s leader Ahmed Masood Jr. to join power as well as a representative, Ahmed Masood was not a private deal but Afghan civilians. Wanted assurances for the rights of.

The statement said that the Taliban’s proposals were rejected by Ahmed Masood saying that he did not want anything for himself personally. The Taliban had also offered to protect the properties of Ahmed Masood, but Ahmed Masood also rejected this offer.

A National Resistance Front statement said that when Taliban leader Amir Khan was talking to Muttaki Ahmed Masood Jr., Muttaki had threatened Masood with war and attack. On this, Ahmed Masood also said in response that he is ready to fight the war with Taliban for the citizens of Afghanistan and Panjshir.

Not only this, according to the National Resistance Front, so far 35 Taliban prisoners have been taken in the ongoing war with Taliban and 350 Taliban fighters have been killed and about 287 are injured.

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