Why the incidents at the Stade de France are becoming a political affair

“The picture is pathetic”, said Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Sunday on BFMTV, when discussing the incidents near the Stade de France on Saturday evening May 28, on the sidelines of the Champions League final. Forced filtering of the stadium, use of tear gas and climbed gates, supporters still outside the stadium at kick-off: the disturbances are numerous and denounced by various political figures who criticize the version of the French authorities and UEFA. These incidents have become, by necessity, a political affair and the moment for the opposition to give voice and their reasons for such a fiasco, in the midst of the campaign for the legislative elections.

Fiasco at the Stade de France: the Interior and the Prefecture of Police blame the others

For Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the excuses given by the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin then by the prefect of police Didier Lallement in a report on Sunday cannot hide the“complete failure of police strategy” and information: “Thousands of fake tickets have been sold, no one has seen anything, the English supporters we know are not tender and nothing is planned”he denounced.

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More than anything for the leader of La France insoumise, it is “the doctrine of the police that is cause” since the police actions are the same as during union demonstrations or the movement of “yellow vests”: “We hit the crowd, we fire tear gas, we attack people in a bar”. “If you weren’t ready, you shouldn’t volunteer”he continued, believing that the incidents are proof “that we are clearly not prepared for events such as the Olympic Games [à Paris en 2024] or the world championship in rugby [en France en 2023] ».

The far right attacks Seine-Saint-Denis

The observation is the same for Marine Le Pen… but the explanations are radically different. “What happened at the Stade de France brings shame to our country”she tweeted on Sunday, denouncing in her message the inability of Gérald Darmanin to “maintaining order in the face of scum”. She reiterated during the Grand Jury RTL – Le Figaro – LCI: “There were almost riots that broke out. These are bands of thugs that we know well from this department [Seine-Saint-Denis]which is a department today out of control”, she said. For the former far-right presidential candidate, these events are “confirmation that in reality our state is collapsing under our feet”. Among the leaders, the Ministries of Justice and the Interior where Emmanuel Macron “has taken over the same people who have demonstrated their incompetence for five years”.

The quickest to react was Eric Zemmour, who tweeted around midnight the night of the match a message in which he rejects the official explanations and gives his truth about those responsible: “scum [qui] jump over the barriers and attack around the Stade de France”. He then published no less than five tweets on Sunday on the subject, including sharing an article from the far-right site Fdesouche, to which he added the following message: “For our safety as for our image, we should have built the Stade de France in France. » Guest of the morning of Europe 1 this Monday, the former polemicist renewed his remarks: “The problem is that Seine-Saint-Denis has become a foreign enclave”.

“I will not accept that we are the scapegoats”

An attack that the president of the department Stéphane Troussel clearly rejected, who said to himself ” very angry [contre] the extreme right [qui] is unleashed against his favorite object of hatred, Seine-Saint-Denis and its inhabitants ». Invited to Franceinfo on Monday, he denounced a “disorganization” unprecedented. He claimed “a rapid, transparent and in-depth investigation into these dysfunctions and this disorganization” to avoid amalgams on his department.

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“I do not want Seine-Saint-Denis and its inhabitants to be the scapegoats for this disorganization”, did he declare. If the Paris police headquarters mentioned the presence of 300 to 400 young people from sensitive neighborhoods, Stéphane Troussel sees it as just one more excuse:

“We can clearly see that it is not these few hundred individuals who are the weight compared to these potential tens of thousands of spectators who did not have tickets and who were nevertheless gathered there”.“Stade de Farce”, “chaos”… the European press criticizes the organization of the Champions League final

These accusations against British supporters do not please many across the Channel. The British government on Sunday called for an official inquiry into the unrest by fans outside the Stade de France. “The images and testimonies of Liverpool supporters and the media about their entry into the Stade de France last night are deeply worrying”British Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries said on Sunday. “I urge UEFA to launch a formal investigation into what went wrong and why, in coordination with stadium staff, French police, the French Football Federation, Merseyside police and the football club. of Liverpool », she continued. Liverpool Football Club has also called for an investigation into the “unacceptable problems” regarding the incidents.

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