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Urinating after sex can help flush bacteria out of the urethra and reduce the risk of UTIs in women.

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are related to sex. The more a person has sex, the more likely they are to get a UTI. One of the main causes of UTIs after sex is because sex puts pressure on the urethra, which irritates the urethra or pushes bacteria into it, which irritates the urethral tissues, which can easily lead to urinary tract infections. infection.

Urinating after sex can help reduce UTIs in women. Photo: Freepik

UTIs often occur after vaginal intercourse because the urethra is directly above a woman’s vagina. However, there is some evidence that anal intercourse is also associated with an increased risk of UTIs.

Some studies on going to the bathroom after sex have shown that urinating for 15 minutes after sex reduces the risk of UTIs, by flushing any bacteria out of the urethra. However, the studies are not completely uniform. However, peeing after sex is definitely not harmful to the urinary tract.

Due to the different anatomical structure between men and women, the penile urethra, where men urinate, is also the ejaculatory duct. Ejaculation can also flush bacteria out, so cases of urinary tract infections in men are relatively rare. The longer a man’s urethra is, the less likely it is for bacteria to enter the bladder.

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