Why should you not drink tea after drinking alcohol?

I often drink alcohol to wish New Year’s visit and then drink tea, advised by relatives “not to drink tea after drinking alcohol”. Ask your doctor why? (Hoang Lam, 29 years old, Dong Nai)


Alcohol, beer is a stimulant that makes the spirit euphoric, the heart beats faster, if you drink more tea, the heart will be affected by other stimulants, making the heart tired faster. Drinking more tea, the kidneys will work twice as hard to get rid of both (beer/wine and tea). If they do not work in time, these substances will accumulate in the kidneys, weakening the kidneys, even causing kidney stones and kidney failure.

In addition, you should not drink alcohol when hungry, because when you are hungry, drinking alcohol can easily make you tired. Heavy use of alcohol, in addition to the risk of unsafety in traffic, also has a high risk of cardiovascular diseases, gout, hypertension, diabetes…

The average person should not drink more than two units of alcohol/day for men, one unit of alcohol/day for women and no more than 5 days/week. One unit of alcohol is equivalent to about 3/4 of a 330 ml bottle/can (5%) or 1 330 ml beer or 1 glass of 100 ml wine (13.5%) or 1 cup of 30 ml spirit (40%) ).

Specialist Doctor 2 Huynh Tan Vu
Head of Day Treatment Unit – University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City


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