Why should you delete your regular YouTube watch history?

Recording personal searches on a YouTube account is both beneficial and harmful. Deleting the viewing history regularly will help users avoid unnecessary annoyances.

YouTube, like many other social networks, uses algorithms to recommend content that matches user interests.

That’s sometimes helpful, but it’s also inconvenient in some cases, like when you’ve searched for information you want to keep private on YouTube, but the algorithm keeps recommending relevant content. Or when you have to reluctantly watch rather boring videos for work or study, that inadvertently “overwhelms” videos related to your real interests.

Why should you delete your regular YouTube watch history?

So deleting some or all of your YouTube watch history is a way to better manage your feed of video recommendations. In addition, this will also help limit the provision of personal information about your habits and interests to Google.

In general, if you use YouTube primarily by searching for specific topics or videos, what the algorithm recommends may not affect your user experience at all. However, removing unrelated topics saves you from “confusion” when other viewers see results that you don’t want to expose.

Besides, deleting YouTube history also helps you better protect your personal privacy, especially when someone else borrows the device to use or someone has access to your account, it is optimal to set Password protect all activity on your Google account.

There are several ways to exercise your YouTube watch history deletion options.

On the web interface, in the left sidebar, select Watched Videos – Watch and Search Log – Delete Activity By – Select the time period you want to delete. You can choose to clear all watch history, one hour ago, last date, or custom. This way you will also set up an interval for YouTube to automatically delete the viewed content after a certain period of time.

Or alternatively select Library, your viewing history appears in the center of the screen, sorted by date and starting with the most recent. Just hover over the videos and tap the X to delete them. This way, you can search your history for specific videos you want to remove by typing keywords in the right sidebar.

On your phone, open the YouTube app, at the bottom right select Gallery – Watched Videos – Tap the three dots next to the video – Remove from list.

Or Select account avatar – Settings – Video viewed and privacy – Clear search history.

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