Why Peng Shuai’s “Team” Interview Shows She’s Still A Prisoner

Peng Shuai is held against her will in China and ends her career against her will “Said Ursula Gauthier, head of the foreign service of” Obs “. The tennis champion had disappeared for two weeks after accusing a Chinese vice premier of sexual assault.

“Can she speak freely? Concern mounts around athlete Peng Shuai

Reading the interview that the young woman gave to “L’Equipe”, published on Monday, the China specialist affirms that Peng Shuai, under pressure, said what the Chinese government wanted her to say. She explains it in the video below:

The sequel after the ad

I never said anyone sexually assaulted me “says now the tennis player, as she had already told the Chinese press. However, what she said in her post on the Chinese social network Weibo can only be characterized as a sexual assault. She had thus told in detail how Zhang Gaoli, former Deputy Prime Minister had made her come to his home before forcing her into a sexual relationship.

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Faced with journalists, Peng Shuai now claims to have never disappeared.

“I don’t know why the assertion that I had disappeared spread,” she told “L’Equipe”.

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The young woman had however really disappeared for two weeks. It only reappeared after a huge mobilization around the world. ” It was under international pressure that the Chinese government finally showed a video showing Peng Shuai having lunch with friends. “recalls Ursula Gauthier.

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Another element of the interview that shows how Peng Shuai is not free to speak and is forced to end his career: his knee. The player currently says she is quitting tennis due to her knee injury. However, before her disappearance, she explained that she had just undergone knee surgery “ to be able to continue the competition. “For Ursula Gauthier, “ this contradiction shows that in reality, she is forced to stop her career “.

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