Why not buy the standard MacBook Air M2?

The MacBook Air product with Apple’s latest M2 processor is receiving mixed reviews.

Despite the new design and the use of the M1’s next-generation chip, experts, product reviewers as well as users all agree that the basic configuration version of the new machine has quite serious problems. performance importance.

The standard configuration MacBook Air M2, priced at $1,199, has an 8-core GPU compared to the 10-core of the upgraded version. Meanwhile, at last WWDC, Apple promised an 18% increase in graphics performance over the M1, which is only true for the more expensive version of the Air M2 that retails for $1,499.

The base MacBook Air M2 was rated as having performance issues.
(Photo: DigitalTrends)

Thus, the 8-core GPU model of the latest model does not have much superior performance compared to the predecessor 7-core Air M1 series.

Next is about equipping the included SSD hard drive. The standard version has a capacity of 256 GB, an unreasonable price for nearly 1,200 USD. But the bigger problem isn’t just storage space.

The SSD on this model has only 1 NAND chip instead of 2, making read/write speeds much slower than the 512 GB model. In fact, the memory of the base Air M2 is up to 50% slower than the Air M1 of 2020.

Specifically, YouTuber Max Tech tested and gave the read/write speeds of the 2020 and 2022 models respectively: 2900/2215 compared to 1446/1463.

Not stopping, Max Tech also said that the slow hard drive speed along with only 8GB of RAM makes the “bottleneck” phenomenon serious, especially with tasks like file transfer. This problem occurs both on the 13-inch MacBook Pro model M2.

And finally, the Air M2 base does not have fast charging, but only comes with a basic 30-watt charger, while the higher-end version will have dual 35-watt charging. Of course, the price has increased by $300, or users can also buy a 67-watt fast charger from Apple for less than $30.

Almost everyone agrees that the base MacBook Air M2 has been significantly reduced in power. Therefore, users should consider choosing a higher configuration or continue to stick with the MacBook Air M1.

Vinh Ngo (According to DigitalTrends)


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