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Why is the internet suddenly shut down all over the world? Why do so many sites stop working?

JundLoop (Australia): If you were looking for a website on Tuesday and you can’t find it If so, believe me you were not the only person facing this problem. On Tuesday, several major websites around the world suddenly stopped showing and the reason for this was not given immediately. However, an hour later, the site reappeared.

In this way the non-view of these sites bothers us. It is even more disturbing when this happens on a large scale. On Tuesday, such websites suddenly stopped showing which have nothing to do with each other. These include BBC, Pinterest, The Financial Times, Reddit, even The Conversation.

How can it be that so many sites from so many different organizations are affected by the same incident? To know the answer, you have to understand what a CDN (Content Delivery Network) is and how important it is for the internet to run smoothly.

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However so early about the incident Comprehensive assessments could not be provided, the Internet (once again available) increasingly pointed to the culprit.

Fastly is a cloud computing company that provides CDN service to many websites including Amazon and Deliveroo. But how can a single company affect a large part of the Internet like this?

When we open a website, we can infer that our browser goes away from the Internet, connects to the distant site and then displays that page on our screen. While this is a summary of the entire process, it does not directly show us a more complex process, the process that may involve CDN services.

CDN is a service that allows popular websites to keep copies of their pages close to their customers. For example, if we want to browse the BBC website, we can directly connect to a server in the UK. Where the Internet can transfer web pages from anywhere in the UK, there are bound to be delays (perhaps a few hundred milliseconds). And nobody likes delay.

There may be a slight delay in viewing a UK page in another country. That’s why CDNs usually work on a global scale to make content available to everyone around the world faster. CDN service providers typically operate in data centers around the world, keeping copies of popular content in major population centers to provide content in every region.

It may happen that the delivery of a single image or page element coming from the CDN is not very fast, many users may not be able to perceive the difference between 200 milliseconds and 20 milliseconds. However, modern websites often contain a lot of things, including pictures, videos, etc. Together, the speed can be greatly improved via CDN.

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CDN Services Our Web Browsing Experience There is an important service to be improved – but it comes with a price. When a major CDN provider like Fastly stops working, it can affect not just one website but every website it supports.

On Tuesday, many sites around the world suddenly stopped showing because the content provided with the help of CDN was not being served. If each of these websites had hosted their own content, then we would not have faced these problems. However in that case our web browsing experience would have been slow.

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Fastly is not the only CDN provider. Other major services include Akamai and Cloudflare. Internet shutdown is not uncommon but it is usually temporary.

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