Why is iPhone SE 3 a threat to Android smartphones?

The mid-range smartphone market is currently dominated by Android phones, but the arrival of the iPhone SE 3 could very well change that.

iPhone SE 3 is expected to be launched by Apple in March for 399 USD (about 9 million VND), this is not a very cheap price, but suitable for many people’s affordability.

The market for mid-range and budget phones is becoming increasingly competitive. Samsung, OnePlus, Nokia, Xiaomi… offer some of the best low-cost smartphones available and are constantly adding new models, making it difficult for users to keep up or make a decision. However, for Apple, it is an easy choice, because the company only focuses on the only mid-range product, the iPhone SE.

For under $400, buying a mid-range smartphone is like a “gamble” because it won’t be as perfect as high-end models, the phone may have a good display or have a large battery, but often unattractive design or low quality camera.

But the iPhone SE 3 will likely prove it wrong. You can own an affordable phone with many outstanding features. iPhone SE 3 is rumored to have the same design as the iPhone XR, more powerful with A15 Bionic processor, running the latest iOS 15 operating system and supporting 5G connectivity, it brings features that phones Other mid-rangers are lacking at the same price, which makes the iPhone SE 3 a big threat to Android smartphones in the same segment.

While the iPhone SE 3 doesn’t have the outstanding features of the high-end lines like an AMOLED screen with 120Hz refresh rate, high-quality camera that supports Smart HDR4, Apple ProRAW or Cinematic mode, these things do not seem to be. This is a problem for budget consumers looking for an affordable and long-lasting phone.

iPhone SE 2 launched in 2020 is bringing profits to Apple, which shows that Apple is smart when entering the mid-range and affordable phone market instead of just focusing on the high-end line.

Unless another competitor comes along and offers the same or better experience for the same or less price, Apple is expected to continue developing the SE series, causing many users to switch from Android to iOS.

It is not clear whether the iPhone SE 3 will be equipped with Face ID or not. If it uses the design of the iPhone XR then Face ID will eventually come to the SE series, but if it can have the exact same design as the iPhone SE 2020 it will only be able to unlock with a fingerprint.

Apple should be aware that creating a mid-range phone with a more dated design to set itself apart from its flagship product line may cause some discerning buyers to switch to buy higher end phones.

Huong Dung (According to Phone Arena)

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