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Why France came under target of fundamentalists, know what is the controversy going on in France which has become a topic of global discussion

A few days ago (16 October 2020) a teacher was beheaded in Paris, France. It was not even a few days before this incident that on Thursday once again a man was killed by three people in Nice, France. After these incessant incidents, action is being taken against Islamic fundamentalists in France. At the same time, large-scale protests are taking place in Muslim countries against the action of France. In such a situation, this matter has now become the subject of global discussion.

Why the controversy started

Recently, history teacher Samuel Patty was beheaded at a high school near Paris because he showed the disputed cartoon students printed in Charley Hebdo. After Samuel’s assassination, French President Emmanuel Macron issued a strong statement vowing to clamp down on Islamic fundamentalism. Macron spoke of closing mosques that promote fundamentalism. At the same time, Macron’s statement was opposed in many countries of the Islamic world. Not only this, there was an appeal of Baycott of French products against Macron.

What did macros say on terror in Nice The

At the same time, after the killing of three people by a man in the church on Thursday in Nice, French President Emmanuel Macron said, ‘France is again a victim of terrorist attack, I stand with Catholics from France and around the world and then France. Catholics are being targeted. He said that the victim of terror is the whole of France with the people of Nice, Nice has suffered the stupidity of Islamic terrorism. We will not bow down to any kind of terror. Macron said, ‘Followers of every religion have the right to follow their religion. There is only one community in France and they are French. We are united to protect our values.

Violence in France

October 29, 2020 – Three men stabbed to death in Nice by a man

16 October 2020 – A person of Chechnya origin beats a teacher in Paris

25 September 2020 – Pakistani-origin stabs and injures 2 in Paris

3 October 2019 – IT Specialist working at Police Headquarters killed 4

23 March 2018 – D. 3 shot dead in France, held hostage in supermarket

America and India with France on Islamic issue

After these incidents, France has also started taking action against Islamic fundamentalists. But Muslim countries have stood up against these actions of France and large scale demonstrations are also taking place in these countries. Meanwhile, France has got the support of big superpowers like India, America and European Union on the Islamic issue. In such a situation, this atmosphere has become hot and the possibility of further confrontation and intensification has also intensified.

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In Details: Know where the attacks took place in France yesterday? What is the reaction of the world including India?


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