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HanoiCovid-19 affects the entire body system, causing sequelae, according to Doctor Dinh The Tien (Department of General Internal Medicine, Duc Giang General Hospital).

Dr. Tien explained that Covid-19 causes cell inflammation and damages – compensates, exhausted energy in heart muscle cells, respiratory cells… As a result, the body becomes tired after recovering from Covid. -19. Combined with psychological stress and anxiety when becoming F0, these effects are amplified and cause many symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigue, and a feeling of lack of energy after Covid-19.

Most people with sequelae who come to the post-Covid clinic at Duc Giang General Hospital for examination are adults and have many underlying diseases, a few are children. In particular, many people have had mild cases of Covid-19 and after recovering, they have more severe symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath, restlessness, unable to work with their hands and feet and mind… Some people have the disease. Background such as high blood pressure, diabetes, these diseases get worse and more difficult to control. One day, the hospital’s post-Covid-19 clinic examined more than 15 people with sequelae.

A 28-year-old female patient, with a mild form of Covid-19, was treated at home and recovered two months ago. Covid-19 to her was just like seasonal flu, low fever, body aches, loss of smell for about 5 days, then tested negative. After a negative week, she returned to selling fashion clothes, but felt that her health was not as good as before.

“My job has to communicate with customers, many days I still need to livestream to sell goods. But now I just say a few sentences and I’m tired, I have to stop to catch my breath. Many days I can’t sleep, I’m restless, I don’t know why” , she said.

Post-Covid-19 examination at Duc Giang General Hospital, the doctor diagnosed her with Covid-19 sequelae in the respiratory tract, guided recovery exercises and appropriate treatment. This is a common symptom of the post-Covid-19 syndrome. A syndrome consisting of a variety of symptoms that appear after contracting Covid-19 that cannot be diagnosed with other causes or co-morbidities.

Doctor Dinh The Tien examines people with post-Covid-19 sequelae. Photo: Chile

Doctor Tien recommends that patients are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 to avoid the risk of re-infection. Mild F0 and full course of vaccine, no need for oxygen support, usually only mild sequelae, related to respiratory dysfunction or psychological stress. These people have the ability to recover well after treatment, from the Covid-19 sequelae completely. As for severe F0, requiring mechanical ventilation, when recovered, they often suffer from longer-lasting sequelae and have a poorer recovery rate.

Symptoms of post-Covid-19 syndrome are often confused with those of other underlying conditions. Therefore, Doctor Tien recommends that people need to listen to their body after contracting Covid-19. If there are abnormal symptoms related to the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, stress. people should go to the doctor for advice on exercises and rehabilitation methods. In the event that a full course of vaccines has not been administered, people should register for additional injections, adhere to 5K to prevent re-infection and adhere to treatment to return to normal life soon.



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