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My father is 61 years old, every time he eats, his blood pressure rises to 140 or 150 mmHg. What is this and what is stable? (Tien Tran)


Blood pressure will have a spike around 5am and then have another spike in the afternoon. After eating, blood pressure will go up. These are normal mechanisms. It is prescribed to measure blood pressure after resting for about 10 minutes, to avoid the phenomenon that after eating causes blood pressure to rise, causing each person to worry unnecessarily.

You keep monitoring the blood pressure of the family member after giving complete rest for 10 minutes. When you measure your blood pressure, you should keep a diary. Every morning, after measuring blood pressure, all 3 numbers will be recorded on the device. 12 noon and 6 pm – the times when blood pressure often rises. Compare all the measured values, add up the average, and you will see that a blood pressure at home that is less than 135 mmHg is normal.

Blood pressure measured at home will be slightly lower than in hospitals and clinics. At the clinic, we take the standard 139 mmHg as normal. If it exceeds 140 mmHg at the clinic, and at home it exceeds 135 mmHg, then high blood pressure is suspected.

In case of such doubt, to be more certain, a measure is to measure blood pressure 24 hours. The doctor will have the instrument, wrap the blood pressure monitor available and set the mode and program in it. The machine will automatically measure and summarize all throughout 1 day and 1 night and give the average number. This machine also helps you to diagnose blood pressure.

Thus, there are 3 methods of measuring blood pressure: at the office or hospital, at home, using a 24-hour monitor. Each tool in each location has its own standard. Remember these criteria to diagnose high blood pressure.

BS. CKII Huynh Ngoc Long
Head of Interventional Cardiac Catheterization – Cardiology Center – Tam Anh General Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City


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