Why do you need to convert numbers?

Digital transformation not only increases productivity and reduces costs but also opens up new development spaces, creating new values ​​beyond the inherent traditional values.

Why does Vietnam need to convert numbers?

Digital transformation opens up unprecedented opportunities for Vietnam. Digital Government helps the Government operate more efficiently, effectively, and transparently, and reduce corruption. Digital economy promotes innovation, creates new values, increases labor productivity, creates a new growth engine, and escapes the middle income trap. Digital society helps people equal opportunities to access services, training and knowledge, narrow development gaps, and reduce inequality. The sectors and fields are optimized and intelligent to improve the experience and quality of life of people.

Does Vietnam have a chance to transform digital?

Digital transformation opens opportunities for all countries. Developing countries can take advantage of the opportunity for even faster digital transformation. This is an opportunity for Vietnam to rise up and change the national ranking. The advantage of Vietnam is that, under the leadership of the Party, it can take major actions quickly and centrally.

Why do you need to convert numbers?

Digital transformation is a holistic and comprehensive change, from Government, to every enterprise, every organization, every citizen, in every field. Vietnamese culture is adapting quickly to new things, eager to learn new things, creative in applying new things. Vietnam is a country with a long tradition in successfully implementing all-people revolutions.

Why is digital conversion the last chance?

Digital transformation is our invaluable opportunity. Digital transformation is also our last chance in the next few decades. Breakthroughs in digital technology have been pregnant for many decades, popularized only a few years and only once for many decades.

We don’t make progress when others advance and we fall behind. If we miss this opportunity, we will be left behind the other countries even further, since the first winner is the one who takes it all.

Why do businesses need to convert numbers?

In 1975, Kodak’s engineer invented the digital camera, but Kodak left it out for fear that the invention would stop people from buying film and photo-development drugs. This is not only a Kodak story, but also a story of many other businesses. The larger and more successful, the slower the conversion. Kodak continues to ignore many other digital transformation opportunities. But Kodak doesn’t, someone else does. The appearance of the iPhone in 2007, then Instagram in 2010 was the direct cause of Kodak’s bankruptcy in 2012.

Why do individuals need to convert numbers?

When he was born, Uncle Ho said: “I often hear that a comrade of 40 years old has considered me to be old, so it is less difficult to study. Thinking like that is not correct, 40 years old is not old yet. He is 76 years old but still tries to learn more. We must learn and act revolutionary for a lifetime. If you are still alive, you must learn, you must also take part in revolutionary activities.

Life is constantly moving and changing. Each person also needs to constantly change, adapt, or else will be left behind.

Why say number conversion or die?

In Earth’s millions of years of history, the mass extinction and the subsequent creation of species took place naturally, due to changes in climate or living conditions. Likewise, a series of businesses went bankrupt in the early decades of the 21st century. From 2000 to present, 52% of Fortune businesses have been acquired, merged or bankrupt. It is estimated that 40% of the businesses that exist today will close in the next 10 years. The main cause is slow failure in the digital conversion. Whoever will successfully evolve from the real environment to the digital one will survive, therefore, digital transformation or death.

Department of Information Technology – Ministry of Information and Communications

What is number conversion?

What is number conversion?

Digital transformation is the process of total and comprehensive change of individuals and organizations about the way of life, way of working and production method based on digital technologies.


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