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Uterine tilt, endometriosis, or orgasm can cause pain during and after intercourse.

Sexual harmony in marriage is one of the signs of happiness. Because when “in love”, touch plays an important role and has the ability to arouse desire up to 87% in both sexes. However, many couples can fall into sexual incompatibility in their marriage due to vaginal burning pain. Here are the common causes.

Orgasm after sex

During orgasm, the pelvic muscles will contract continuously to help both sexes reach the highest emotion. This condition, known as a metabolic disorder, is more common in people who are pregnant, taking low-dose birth control pills, or women with ovarian cysts or chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

Tilted uterus

Statistics show that about 30% of women have the uterus on the back side. This is a condition in which the uterus leans back against the rectum. During intercourse, this structure causes pain and puts extra pressure on the uterus. In some cases, strong sex will cause uterine damage or cramping.

Pain after sex, if not treated, will make it difficult for couples in their married life. Photo: Freepik

Endometrial optimism

Pelvic pain during and after sex is one of the most common symptoms of endometriosis. This condition affects 2 to 10% of women, most of which are discovered late. As the disease progresses, the tissues in the pelvic organs will stick together. Therefore, penetration during sex will form pressure, causing pelvic pain.

Chlamydia infection

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease. The most common symptom of the disease is pain in the abdomen during intercourse. Experts recommend that women who are sexually active get tested for sexually transmitted diseases every year. Regular testing is especially important because having chlamydia increases your risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease like HIV.

Due to sperm

Another possible reason for the pain is the sperm itself. Medical experts say that because sperm are stimulants of the uterus, they will create a reaction during sex. This will lead to uterine contractions, which in turn cause abdominal pain and cramping. To prevent bacteria, soothe the uterus, take a shower after sex. You can also prevent discomfort by urinating. Urinating helps flush bacteria out of the urethra.

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