Why do many Vietnamese people get cancer?

In 2020, Vietnam will record more than 182,000 new cancer cases, more than 122,000 people die from this disease, experts believe that aging of the population, sedentary, inadequate eating … is the cause.

According to GLOBOCAN statistics in 2020, the number of cases and deaths due to cancer worldwide tends to increase, not only in Vietnam. In developed countries such as the UK, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, America, the number of new cases and deaths due to cancer increased. However, the death rate from cancer in these countries has decreased.

Currently, only 185 out of 204 countries report statistics on the situation of cancer. In 2020, Vietnam is at the 92/185 position in terms of the new incidence rate and 50/185 position in the mortality rate per 100,000 people. This rank in 2018 is 99/185 and 56/185, meaning that Vietnam increased 7 places compared to before.

The most common cancer among Vietnamese men is liver, lung, stomach, colorectal, prostate cancer, accounting for about 65.8 percent of the total. Among women, the most common cancers include breast, lung, colorectal, stomach and liver cancers, accounting for about 59.4% of the total cancers. Common for both sexes, the most common cancers are liver, lung, breast, stomach and colorectal cancers.

A patient was examined gastrointestinal tract at K Hospital. Photo: Ha Tran.

Explaining the reason for the rapid increase in the rate of cancer in Vietnam, leaders of K Hospital said that cancer is a disease due to many factors combined. In general, there are two groups of factors: modifiable factors (such as lifestyle behavior, environment …) and group of factors that cannot be changed (age, gene …).

Population aging: Vietnam is facing with the aging of the general population, the average life expectancy of the Vietnamese people increases, on average 73.6 years old. The older the age, the longer the exposure time to the risk factors, the higher the incidence of cancer.

Population increase: Vietnam’s population is nearly 97.8 million, ranking 15th in the world. Vietnam’s population increases, leading to an increase in the number of people infected and killed by cancer.

Alcohol, tobacco: Lifestyle behavioral factors are smoking – the cause of 30% of all cancers, 20 different types of cancer and 90% of the causes of lung cancer; alcohol abuse – the cause of cancers of the mouth, throat, liver, breast, colorectal …

Inappropriate diet: Eat more animal fat, less fiber, use moldy foods (rice, peanuts …), processed foods like bacon, salted fish … cause cancer of the breast, esophagus, and colorectal. colon.

Sedentary: Sedentary habit is the cause of breast cancer, colorectal cancer.

Habitat: Air and environmental pollution has been warned as a carcinogen.

People’s awareness of proactive cancer screening: Community awareness of cancer prevention has been raised, people pay more attention to health check-ups, cancer screening and early detection of diseases.

Another reason is a better cancer registry system. Thus, more patients with morbidity and mortality were recorded, leading to an increased number of records. Increasingly advanced science and technology in cancer diagnosis also helps detect more diseases.

Early detection screening plays an important role in cancer treatment, increasing treatment efficiency and saving costs. Detecting the disease in the late stage, treating many difficulties and leaving a heavy economic burden.

Cancer treatment combines many methods: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, symptom palliative care, nutrition, psychosocialism … Vietnam quickly updates advanced treatment methods, new techniques such as VMAT radiotherapy, IMRT, laparoscopic surgery, robotics, Gamma Knife radiation surgery; Apply new drugs in treatment with high efficiency.

Le Nga