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Morning erection is a common and completely normal physiological phenomenon in men, which can occur for many reasons.

REM sleep

Men often wake up in the morning with an erect penis. Morning erection corresponds to REM (Rapid Eye Movement) time, which means rapid eye movement sleep. At this time, the eyes are closed but still moving very quickly, the brain creates strange images or dreams and is active. According to some studies, during REM sleep, people’s breathing is still slow but the heart beats very fast and blood pressure also increases.

The erection of the penis is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. An erection during REM sleep occurs when nerve stimulants increase blood flow to the penis. While men have penile erections, women can also experience clitoral hematomas during REM sleep.

Everyone has a different sleep pattern, but because there are usually 4 or 5 stages of REM sleep during the night, many men also have 4 or 5 erections during the night. Each erection can last 25 to 35 minutes, although it doesn’t have to happen every night.

The REM phase of sleep usually lasts longer in the morning. By the time men wake up, they’ve just come out of REM sleep. This is why men often wake up in the morning with an erection.

Morning erections depend on the duration of REM sleep and the natural physiological processes involved in this state of sleep in men. This is a normal and healthy phenomenon.

An erection in the morning indicates a man’s sexual health. Image: Xframe

Changes in hormone levels

Levels of testosterone, the hormone that plays a role in sexual function, are higher in the early morning than in the afternoon or evening. This can also contribute to morning erections.

Physical stimulation

Physical stimulation can still occur even in a groggy, half-asleep, semi-awake state, causing morning erections. Even during this stage, the body can still be alert to what is going on. If due to objective or subjective reasons you accidentally touch or rub the genitals in the early morning, the penis may be stimulated and become erect.

Full bladder

Men who do not get up to urinate at night will find their bladder full in the morning. A full bladder can press on the sacral nerve, which is a group of five nerves in the lower back. This can lead to an erection.

The nervous system keeps the body active during sleep. Since the sacral nerve is responsible for erections during sleep or light sleep, morning erections are a sign that your nerves, blood supply, and circulation are healthy.

Men’s erections usually disappear within minutes of waking up. However, if a man occasionally wakes up without an erection, this is not necessarily unusual. It is possible that they did not wake up from REM sleep. It is also possible that the erection begins to fade before fully awakening.

In general, sleep-related erections decrease with age. If a man often wakes up with an erection without an erection, contact a gynecologist for examination and treatment advice. If the erection is prolonged, meaning that blood is not draining from the erect penis, the man may have a condition called stenosis of the foreskin. On the other hand, a lack of morning erections can also be a sign of potential problems with blood vessels, nerves, or erectile dysfunction. If erectile dysfunction is psychological, men can still get erections at night and in the morning.

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