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When I have Covid-19, my body is often cold. After a week, I get chills from time to time. What should I do to stop this situation? (Minh Tu, Nam Dinh)

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Chills are one of the common symptoms of nCoV infection as well as after recovery. Chills during nCoV infection are caused by the toxin of the virus, just like any other respiratory viral infection symptoms. If nothing is wrong, the body will return to normal when F0 is cured.

However, in a few cases, the chills persisted, persisting in the patient even after the test was negative. This is one of the conditions that have been listed on the list of post-Covid-19 sequelae.

The symptoms of chills after recovering from Covid-19 are quite obvious, which can affect the patient’s life and living habits. The first cause is dysregulation of body temperature, which can be caused by a neurological disorder that causes poor blood vessel constriction. Accordingly, the patient often feels chills like the condition of malaria even though when measured, the body temperature does not increase or decrease.

The second cause is poor blood circulation, micro-thrombosis in the small capillaries. The body’s thermoregulatory mechanism is affected, unable to adjust the temperature according to the body’s needs with the outside environment, so people feel chills and the body temperature drops below 36 degrees Celsius.

The degree of chills varies from person to person. Basically, this condition is not too dangerous, causes few complications for health but affects psychologically, living and working habits. In some cases, if you do not keep warm well, you will easily catch cold, leading to respiratory diseases. Therefore, patients need to eat warm foods, use blood-active drugs, eat and sleep well, exercise… to increase body temperature. Besides, the patient can carry a bottle of warm water with him, some sweet candies… so that when feeling a bit tired, the feeling of “goosebumps” can be used to help the symptoms pass soon.

For people with prolonged and continuous chills throughout the day, seriously affecting their lives, it is necessary to go to medical examination and treatment facilities for timely examination and examination. Post-Covid-19 status is defined as symptoms that appear four weeks after testing negative for the virus.

To check, doctors will measure body temperature, perform tests to rule out physical causes such as disorders of hypoglycemia, low blood pressure… For patients who are shivering all day because of the after-effects. Covid-19 requires hospitalization for monitoring and treatment.

Medical Doctor I Nguyen Huy Hoang
High Pressure Oxygen Center of Vietnam – Russia Tropical Center

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