Why did Nokia give up high-end smartphones?

While smartphone companies are still steadily releasing top-of-the-line models, Nokia seems to have forgotten that habit.

Two years is a very long time in the smartphone industry. In February 2019, Huawei still launched smartphones with Google services and is aiming to be number one in the industry. Samsung had not yet introduced its first folding smartphone.

That was when HMD launched its latest high-end smartphone under the Nokia brand. At MWC 2019, the Nokia 9 PureView was introduced, using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor.

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The Nokia 9 PureView came out two years ago. Since then, Nokia has not introduced another high-end smartphone. Photo: Engadget.

Since then, not a single high-end Nokia smartphone was born. Two years is a long time, while companies usually only wait 6-12 months to introduce the new flagship smartphone.

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The cost of delay

After the Nokia 9 PureView model, there have been many rumors about successors such as Nokia 9.1, 9.2. Nokia rumor accounts claim they will be released in 2019, and the timing will be pushed back to the second quarter of 2020, then 2021.

There is no official reason for HMD to delay the launch of high-end Nokia smartphones. There are many rumors that explain this, from screen failure to hardware changes. Whatever the reason, it’s about time the successor to the Nokia 9 PureView is out of fashion, and the latest rumors have spoken of the Nokia 9 Sirocco model,

Unlike games or movies, where a project can be delayed by a few years, the tech industry operates at a much faster rate, which means greater pressure. The errors must be fixed as quickly as possible, otherwise the device will be outdated as soon as it is launched.

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Although equipped with up to 5 image sensors, the quality and shooting speed of the Nokia 9 PureView is not highly appreciated. Photo: The Verge.

The Nokia 9 PureView itself has been delayed from its original 2018 launch plan. Representatives of HMD said that the complicated rear camera cluster is the reason why it took so long to develop equipment.

However, the camera quality of the Nokia 9 PureView is one of the most criticized points on the finished product, with weaknesses such as too slow image processing speed or uneven quality. In addition, the fingerprint scanning feature hidden in the screen is also criticized and easily overcome with a piece of gum.

Due to its slow launch, the Nokia 9 PureView only uses the Snapdragon 845 chip, which was used on high-end smartphones a year ago. While still guaranteed in terms of performance, this obsolescence can be the cause of the camera’s poor image processing speed.

That’s difficult for Nokia

HMD showed that they are focusing more on the mid-range product line, calling them “low-end high-end”. Even so, it is clear that these mid-range models cannot compare to the best of other brands. Nokia still lacks a flagship smartphone.

Up to now, it is still impossible to say whether HMD will launch the flagship Nokia smartphone in 2021. Nokia is still focusing on the mid-range and low-cost segment in markets that have less competition with Chinese brands such as North America.

high-end smartphone Nokia brother 3

Nokia is now focusing more on mid-range smartphones to gain market share.

High-end smartphones typically have less sales, while requiring a lot of investment in research. Even if you spend large sums of money researching unique features, expensive smartphones can still fail technologically, like the Nokia 9 PureView camera, for example.

In contrast, without a high-end smartphone, Nokia has nothing to convince customers of technology innovation. While the Nokia 9 PureView doesn’t offer a good camera, the idea of ​​using five image sensors to produce high-quality images is also interesting.

I hope HMD still has many other interesting things to bring to customers in the future. However, the biggest question is still “ever”. Given HMD’s history of delay, don’t expect a high-end Nokia-branded smartphone in the near future.

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