Why crop insurance needs to reinvent itself

The frosts in April wreaked havoc in his orchards in Drôme, but David Julien is not completely helpless. He can count on the insurance protecting his crops against the vagaries of the weather to help him. “I can’t spit in the soup,” he says. Discussions with its insurer, Pacifica, have gone well so far. “Last year I was very well compensated [pour des dégâts déjà provoqués par le gel] compared to my level of contribution, ”he adds.

The arborist, however, is not certain of remaining so for long. Considering how crop insurance works, “if the bad years follow one another, it won’t be worth my insurance,” said the producer of cherries, peaches, nectarines and apricots who put on the table “A big budget” – 80,000 euros excluding subsidies last year – to protect its 40-hectare farm against bad weather.

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