Why can’t I declare my health in Bluezone from a foreign province to Hanoi?

This is a question asked by many people in the context that applications with health declaration functions such as NCOVI, Bluezone or website have all linked data.

Although the social distance has been eased since September 22, Hanoi still strictly implements the process of checking and controlling people and vehicles participating in traffic at the entrance and exit points of the capital’s gateway to ensure regulations. epidemic prevention.

Accordingly, at the gateways of the capital, the Department of Transport has directed the inspection force to check thoroughly. Vehicles and drivers with valid documents will be immediately passed, if the documents are not in accordance with the regulations, they will resolutely ask to turn back.

People from other provinces who come to Hanoi to work or work in agencies, units or enterprises that are allowed to operate need to have a certification from the agency, unit or enterprise. In addition to the prescribed documents, people need to have a negative test result by PCR (valid within 3 days). In addition, those entering the city will also have to carry out a medical declaration according to regulations.

People in other provinces entering Hanoi will have to scan a QR code to make a medical declaration and travel itinerary, then provide the results of the declaration for the police force to verify and manage. Photo: Trong Dat

However, one thing that makes many people wonder is that at the city entrance and exit checkpoints, people cannot use popular epidemic prevention and control applications such as Bluezone, NCOVI to make medical declarations by scanning codes. QR. Instead, they were instructed to scan a QR code with the Zalo app to make a medical declaration.

In fact, when scanning QR codes at these locations, the application will lead people to the website of the Domestic Movement Declaration System of the Administration of Social Order (Ministry of Public Security).

Sharing about this issue, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Liem – Director of Hanoi Department of Information & Communications (TT&TT) said: “The Prime Minister has directed that the national population data platform will be the foundation in the future. main, throughout to implement the integration of other platforms. That’s why the capital’s gateways are currently using the health declaration system of the Ministry of Public Security.”

However, according to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Liem, over the past time, the Department of Information and Communications has worked with the Ministry of Public Security and the National Population Data Center. After this meeting, the Department of Information and Communications received data on people moving in and out of the city provided by the Ministry of Public Security.

Why can't I declare my health in Bluezone from a foreign province to Hanoi?
People make medical declarations through the website of the Inland Movement Declaration System. Photo: Trong Dat

Basically, data declared through the platform of Bluezone, NCOVI or website tokhaiyte, … are returned to the Department by the Ministry of Information and Communications daily. The same goes for data from the Ministry of Public Security’s Domestic Movement Declaration System.

“No matter what application you make medical declarations, the data will be collected for the Department of Information and Communications. The Department of Information and Communications will be the central agency to transfer to the districts to carry out tracing and testing,” said Mr. Liem.

Sharing more about the domestic movement declaration system of the Administration for Social Order Administration (Ministry of Public Security), Mr. Liem said that because this system includes the national population database, people Users will be authenticated and cannot be faked. That is the advantage of the declaration system developed by the Ministry of Public Security.

Trong Dat

How to look up and save the vaccination certificate QR code on Zalo

How to look up and save the vaccination certificate QR code on Zalo

After looking up the vaccination certificate, people can download the certificate in the form of a QR code and store it on the Zalo application for easy presentation when needed.


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