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What is the appearance of lack of micronutrients, why do many children have a developed height and weight but lack micronutrients? (Royal Orchid).


Micronutrient deficiency is a hidden “starvation”, we cannot observe or conclude through external signs. External signs such as fatigue, poor play, slow teething, slightly gray hair… can be confused with a certain disease.

The reason that children lack micronutrients is very unintentional, many parents may not notice. Specifically, the family provided by the baby’s daily diet is not enough. Parents are less concerned about children not eating vegetables, adults need to build a habit for children to eat vegetables.

In addition, parents are often concerned about their children eating in terms of quantity, paying little attention to quality such as how many green vegetables are in the meal, enough fat and protein?… The diet is not varied and easy. lead to micronutrient deficiency. Not only in children, adults are also susceptible to micronutrient deficiencies.

The second reason is that the needs of children increase in a special period. Specifically, the period of puberty, pre-puberty, children grow fast, can reach the threshold of 10-12 cm per year. If they do not pay attention and provide nutrients related to vitamins and minerals, they do not guarantee good growth.

In the first years of life, we believe that breastfed babies do not lack nutrients. In fact, breast milk can be nutritious enough for babies to gain weight well, even obese children. However, it is enough in terms of energy, not enough in terms of micronutrients.

Parents can reflect on the children they have been born. When raising a baby in January -2, the baby is good, the care is easy. By the 3rd month, adults may find that the baby has trouble sleeping, tossing and turning, and the skin is bluish. At this time, the lack of micronutrients easily occurs, especially iron deficiency.

Breast milk helps you feed your baby smoothly in the first 6 months of life. However, the most limiting factor in milk, even breast milk, is iron. Therefore, parents who raise children, even though the baby is developing well, from the third month, they should take their children to the doctor to check for micronutrients and zinc. In fact, there is a case of a 16-day-old baby, after examination, the doctors discovered zinc and iron deficiency. The baby was born weighing 3.3 kg, 16 days weighing 4.1 kg. In 16 days, an increase of 8 taels is not a small number.

The third reason for children to lack micronutrients is that they eat enough but have diseases and cannot absorb them. For example, children with congenital hemolytic anemia often have an excess of iron, even requiring iron dialysis, but they are still anemic. Gastrointestinal diseases prevent children from absorbing vitamins and minerals.

Prof. TS.BS Le Bach Mai
Northern Medical Director – Nutrihome Nutrition Clinic System


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