Whoopi Goldberg suspended after saying Holocaust ‘wasn’t about race’

Despite apologizing for her controversial Holocaust remarks, the American broadcaster ABC has decided that the American actress (Sister Act, Ghost) will no longer host the talk show for two weeks The View.

American actress Whoopi Goldberg was suspended for two weeks on Tuesday from the show she co-presents on the American network ABC, after claiming the day before that the Holocaust was “notnot a question of race“.

She apologized Monday, Jan. 31, for taking a stand when she sought to defend the Holocaust graphic novel Mausrecently banned from the school curriculum by the authorities of a southern county in the United States.

But Kim Godwin, president of ABC, felt that was not enough and decided to suspend the host of the famous talk show The View. “With immediate effect, I am suspending Whoopi Goldberg for two weeks after her ill-advised and damaging comments”she said in a statement posted on a Twitter account of the chain.

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On the daily show, the actress lamented that classics like Mausin which cartoonist Art Spiegelman recounts the moving memories of his Holocaust survivor father, or Took no mockingbird of Harper Lee, be banned from American schools. Then she added that the Holocaust was “notnot a question of race, it’s a question of the inhumanity of men towards men“, words that immediately surprised his interlocutors on set. “I should have said it was related to both“, apologized on Twitter the Oscar-winning actress in 1991 for her role in Ghostconsidered a pioneer in the breakthrough of black actors on the American stage.

Finally to clarify his thought Whoopi Goldberg also added: “As Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League put it, the Holocaust was the Nazis’ systematic destruction of the Jewish people, whom they considered an inferior race.»

Now making an act of contrition, Whoopi Goldberg, who recently took a stand against restrictions on abortion, discrimination against homosexuals or for the distribution of anti-Covid vaccines to poor countries concluded by declaring: “I’m sorry that my words caused this pain.»

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