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WHO team released from China clutches after 14 days, investigation of corona genesis launched in Wuhan

A team of World Health Organization has started its work after completing the quarantine in Wuhan city of China. This team has come to find out where the corona virus infection originated. After reaching China, the researchers had to complete 14 days of isolation. He was seen boarding a bus leaving the hotel on Thursday morning. It was not clear where they had left for.

The WHO team is expected to visit various parts of the city, including the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). Politics had also started regarding this campaign, because China denied the allegations on itself for not taking quick steps on the epidemic.

Here, 2.27 crore people have been given Kovid-19 vaccines and the daily testing capacity has also been increased to 1.5 crore, as the cases of Corona virus infection are rising again before the Chinese New Year holiday. The National Health Commission (NHC) said on Wednesday that 75 new cases of infection occurred in the mainland of China on Tuesday. Of these, 55 cases were of local level while 20 people returned from outside.

Localized cases of infection were 29 in Helongjiang, 14 in Jilin, seven in Hebei, four in Beijing. In Shanghai, the infection was confirmed in one person. In view of next month’s holidays and Chinese New Year holidays, the exercise has been intensified to prevent infection. Travel related restrictions have also been imposed.

Commission Deputy Chief Jeng Yixin said that till Tuesday, 2.27 crore people have been given vaccine supplements in the country. He said that the daily capacity of Kovid-19 investigation has also been increased to 1.5 crore. According to NHC, 89,272 cases of infection have occurred in the mainland so far and 4636 people have died.

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