Who sings there? : from the world to the Balkans

This Serbian comedy gem, cult in all the Balkans, will be released in our theaters next week in a restored version.

Who is singing over there, at the back of that rickety bus that reaches Belgrade that April 1941 day before the invasion of Yugoslavia by the Hitler army? Two Gypsies musicians, bards of a world on the verge of collapsing: the one formed by this baroque cohort composed of a veteran of 1914-1918 wearing a mustache and Chetnik clothes, a provincial notable and supporter of the order, a tubercular patient, a priest, a clumsy hunter, a couple of excited newlyweds, an ambitious and mediocre singer… and three pigs whose enclosure has been reconstructed at the back of the vehicle. A thousand improbable encounters await them on the journey: a hearse, soldiers in the field, a mess of trouble. This Serbian comedy gem * revered by Kusturica has just been beautifully restored. We find there all the tragic madness, the creaking humor and the joyous fatalism specific to the Balkans where everyone sings, cries, runs, dances, prays, argues, lives and dies in a mess here sumptuously

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