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WHO said – Kovid-19 can spread rapidly in North Korea, ready to help

New Delhi: Expressing concern over the situation in North Korea, the World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday expressed its concern for the country’s cooperation in dealing with the epidemic. reiterated commitment. WHO said that because vaccination has not started in North Korea, there is a risk of rapid spread of the virus. 

‘Committed to assist member country’
North Korea’s official news agency ‘KCNA’ Taking cognizance of the news, he said, ‘‘We are committed to assisting our member countries by providing technical assistance to enhance testing, strengthen case management such as infections and supply essential medical supplies. ’’

WHO is waiting for information from the person prescribed by the country for the International Health Regulation (IHR) regarding the epidemic. Singh said that the global health body had supported the country in developing its national strategic preparedness for Kovid-19 and its plan to deal with it.

Singh said, ‘‘Covid-19 vaccination has not started in the country so far, so unless immediate and appropriate steps are not taken to prevent the virus, there is a risk of the virus spreading rapidly among people. .’’

All countries should start vaccination
WHO’s regional director stressed that all countries should , irrespective of their COVID-19 status, vaccination should be initiated which prevents serious illness and death. He said the global health body continues to work with national authorities by providing essential information on the COVID-19 vaccines available through the COVAX initiative.

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