Who is Victoria Sio, the singing voice of Aline, the film inspired by the life of Celine Dion?

Known for her stint at The Voice or his participation in the musical The sun King, the singer hopes that her participation in the feature film will allow her to break into her solo career.

The release of the fake biopic has been twice postponed, due to restrictions linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. November 10, Aline, the new film directed by Valérie Lemercier – in which the actress plays a young singer comparable to Celine Dion – will finally be screened on the big screen. Following the same process as that used in Royal palace !, the actress leans on both reality and fiction to implicitly embody the idol. Without doubting Lemercier’s musical talents, it was logical to find the latter a vocal double. The task was entrusted to the artist Victoria Sio.

Those who know her are regulars on TV programs. From the age of 11, the singer, now aged 35, is noticed in the show I’m on TV, broadcast on France 3, a competition that she postpones twice in a row. In 2001, she signed with Universal Music, after her single I want everything, written by Gérard Presgurvic (author of the musical Romeo and Juliet, from hate to love). His presence on the boards then becomes more regular, notably integrating the troop of the Sun King in 2005, where she played a common woman with thwarted love, alongside Christophe Maé. His performance at The Voice in 2013, it completes its awareness to the general public.

The experience and the talent, she has them, without a doubt. Like so many others. But a good fairy leaned over her cradle. Aline enters the scene. “I was seated next to Bruno Berberes [directeur du casting de l’émission The Voice, NDLR] at a friend’s concert and he asked me to do a demo of two Celine Dion songs for him, she tells our colleagues at France Info. I didn’t understand why he was asking me this and found his request weird. But I sent it to him and I was quickly called back by the music production of the film. I do other tests and there they explain to me that they are looking for a voice that is close to Celine Dion without quite imitating her. Two months later, they called me to tell me that I had been chosen among 50 singers. ”

Victoria Petrosillo (real name) is thrilled, even though this is not her first film experience. In 2019, she signs the soundtrack of the animated film The pilgrim’s journey, directed by the American Robert Fernandez. Without forgetting his French interpretation of the credits of the series Heroes in 2007.

On the set, her collaboration with Valérie Lemercier goes admirably. “There were three months in the studio and Valérie was always present by my side to help me play during the singing scenes.», Relates this Lyonnaise of Italian origin. Her accent, above all, needs to be educated, so that it comes as close as possible to Celine’s in her songs in English. Professors, a Quebecker and an American, are dispatched to her. The work is backbreaking, but it is worth it.

With the director, the relationship gradually changes into friendship, the actress going so far as to invite the interpreter to Cannes. “Who brings the singing voice of a film to Cannes?”, marvels Victoria. Aline will allow her, she hopes, to launch her solo career for good. Especially since the singer released, on October 8, an EP called Everything is good there, which follows on from his single Beautiful to ugly. “These are songs that I composed and that I wanted to hear to the public, she explains, still at France Info. People know me for my dubbing, but they don’t necessarily know how much energy I can get from my own songs. “ The quest for notoriety has only just begun.


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