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Who is the businessman of Pakistan origin, who is called ‘Prince of Kyiv’

Mohmmad Zahoor: Amidst the Russo-Ukraine war, a name is making a lot of headlines on social media these days. That name is of Pakistani-origin billionaire Mohammad Zahoor. Zahoor has been living in Ukraine for years and this is his second home. Zahoor is also known as ‘Prince of Kyiv’. Apart from this, Zahoor is also recognized in the world as a steel king and a big figure in the entertainment industry of Ukraine. But Zahoor had to face a lot of hard work and difficulties to reach where he is today.

Mohammad Zahoor was born in the city of Karachi, Pakistan. From childhood, Zahoor dreamed of becoming a big man. So that he can improve the life of his family members. For this, he thought of going outside Pakistan to some other country to improve his future. In 1974, Zahoor was selected to study engineering in the Soviet Union. At that time, he was a first year engineering student at NED University in Karachi.

Donetsk arrived on scholarship

Sent to Donetsk to study on Mohammed Zahoor Scholarship. He learned Russian very quickly, which helped him a lot in moving forward. During this, he had married a girl who studied with him, who later stayed with him in Pakistan as well. The condition of this scholarship was that after completing education, he would have to go back and work in Pakistan Steel Mill for five years. So he went back to Pakistan.

got first job like this

When Zahoor, who did engineering in metallurgy, returned to Pakistan, he was first posted in the steel mill security and later in the construction department. In the meantime, they learn that a Moscow-based company is looking for someone who can help them do business with Pakistan. Also he should be proficient in Russian language. Zahoor applied for this job and got selected. In this way Zahoor left Pakistan and reached Moscow.

quit job started business

After reaching Moscow, Mohammad Zahoor started supplying spare parts. He told his company that he gave the idea to export steel from Moscow, which benefited his company a lot. Pleased with this, the company also increased Zahoor’s salary from one thousand and including bonus to $ 50 thousand within three years. By now Zahoor had understood that there is only benefit in doing his business. So he started his own company with a businessman from Thailand. In which he had 49 percent shares. Thus began his journey to rule the world of steel. After this Zahoor did not look back. Soon his business started spreading all over the world. Let us tell you that in 1996, Mohammad Zahoor bought the same steel mill in Donetsk, where he completed his last practical in his student life and got an engineering degree.

Sold steel mills because of China

Mohammad Zahoor became the sole owner of the company in the year 2004 by purchasing all the shares from his partner. But soon they had to sell their mills. The reason for this was China. Actually, China needed a lot of steel for the preparations to host the Olympics in the year 2008. China was buying steel from all over the world. Zahoor also sold steel fiercely to China. But later steel mills started to be set up rapidly inside China. Zahoor began to feel that this business would not be profitable after the running of China’s steel mills. So he completely sold his steel business in 2008.

Zahoor currently lives in London

Since selling the steel mills, Zahoor now invests all over the world. His investment is about $100 million. They have definitely suffered a lot from the Russian attack on Ukraine. At present, Zahoor is living in London. Zahoor and his family did not expect Russia to attack.

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