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Who is behind the conspiracy to crash the Chinese plane? At whose behest in the cockpit the plane was tampered with?

China Jet Crash: There has been a shocking revelation about the crashed jet plane in China in the month of March. Black box data indicates that the plane was intentionally crashed in China. The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday pointed to flight data from a black box recovered from a China Eastern Airlines jet that crashed in March, citing people familiar with US officials’ initial assessment. That someone intentionally crashed the plane in the cockpit.

Was the plane crash intentionally done in China?

A Western official told Reuters news agency that the initial investigation focused on the crew’s actions after finding no signs of a technical glitch. Black box data shows that the plane was deliberately tampered with and the plane was brought down from the height and crashed. At present, the Boeing Company, the maker of the jet, has refused to comment on this. At the same time, the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) also did not immediately comment.

Chinese plane was a victim of accident in March

In March this year in the southwestern part of China, a Boeing 737-800 Jet crashed in the mountains of Guangxi. The plane fell victim to an accident after suddenly falling from a height. All 123 passengers and 9 crew members on board the plane were killed. It was the deadliest aviation disaster for China in 28 years.

Whose hand behind the conspiracy?

In mid-April, China Eastern Airlines resumed use of the 737-800 flight. According to experts, in a summary of their initial accident report last month, Chinese regulators did not point to any technical problems on the 737-800, which has been in service since 1997 with a strong safety record. However, the question remains as to whose behest was the conspiracy to crash the plane in March.


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