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WHO and China report claim, corona virus spread from animals, much less likely to spread from lab

Beijing: A joint study by WHO and China on the origin of Kovid-19 states that the virus is likely to spread to humans through bats from another animal. At the same time, there is little possibility of spreading from its lab. The news agency Associated Press has given this information by quoting the report. These findings of the report were expected to a large extent and many questions have still not been answered in the report. This team has proposed further research, leaving the hypothesis that the virus is leaking from the lab.

Questions arose in the delay in the release of the report
Significantly, there has been a delay in the release of the report. This raises questions as to whether the Chinese side was trying to change the conclusions to save China from the blame for the outbreak of the epidemic. A World Health Organization official said last week that he hoped that this report would be released in the next few days.

The AP has provided a final report from a Geneva diplomat to the WHO on Monday. However, it was not clear whether the report could still be changed before it was released. The identity of the diplomat has not been revealed.

Four scenes of virus outbreak
In the report, researchers have told four scenes of the outbreak of the virus. He concluded in the report that the virus spread to humans from bats through another animal. He has said that the chances of the virus spreading directly from humans to bats is very low. With this, the virus can spread through “cold-chain” food products, but there is little doubt about it. The report is largely based on a visit by the WHO team of International Experts in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where Kovid-19 was first discovered.

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