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I was diagnosed with postherpetic neuralgia in my left eye, treated with Acyclovir 800mg – 35 tablets, Cefdinir 300mg – 14 tablets, Gramadol Capsules – 14 tablets.

However, in the past year, the disease still recurred 4 times. Please advise if I should get the chickenpox vaccine to prevent shingles or is there any effective vaccine to kill the shingles virus? Thanks! (Duy Quoc, Dong Thap)


Hi Mr/Ms,

Shingles (shingles) and Chickenpox are caused by the Varicella Zoster virus (VZV) of the Herpesviridae family. However, the pathogenic mechanism is different. For people who have not had chickenpox, when exposed to the virus, they will develop chickenpox and after they recover, they will have antibodies to chickenpox.

And people with shingles are those who have been infected with chickenpox virus in childhood, when the disease is over, the virus still “sleeps” for life in the cells, nerve ganglia in an inactive form. After a while, when there are favorable conditions such as weakened immune system, mental shock, physical weakness, chronic illness… VZV virus will have the opportunity to recur into shingles. About 15% of people with Chickenpox will develop shingles (also known as shingles) later in life.

Shingles can be prevented by vaccination against Varicella Zoster virus. Currently, VNVC has a full range of 3 vaccines against chickenpox, effective in preventing chickenpox up to 97%, stopping the risk of shingles:

– Vaccine Varivax (USA), Varicella (Korea): indicated for children 12 months and older and adults.
– Vaccine Varilrix (Belgium): indicated for children from 9 months of age.

Dr. Hoa Tuan Ngoc
VNVC Immunization Center System


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