Which is the ideal TV for home entertainment?

Offering crisp, original colors, multi-dimensional surround sound effects and a host of other pioneering technologies, LG OLED evo showcases outstanding technological innovations to fully satisfy the needs of home entertainment.

When the trips are put on hold, family members tend to interact more with each other. At this time, the living room is not simply a place where the family watches a movie together and then everyone goes to their own room, but becomes a space of listening and sharing, of modern entertainments such as playing games, connecting with friends and family. Connect the picture from the phone to the TV so that the whole family can see each other better..

Accordingly, TV is no longer a traditional audio-visual device, but becomes a bridge connecting generations, serving a variety of entertainment needs, and improving the quality of life. To do so, the TV has to take off the old coat, “put on” a new design and leading technologies.

LG OLED evo is the new “peak” in OLED TV technology

New generation panels for top-notch image quality

The panel is an important factor in deciding an ideal TV to enjoy from movies, gameshows to top-notch matches. A good panel first needs to be equipped with leading technology.

While LCD/LED technology offers limited image quality because it uses a backlight system to “light” the liquid crystal particles, OLED technology is seen as the future of the display industry. OLED panels do not use backlight, but each pixel has the ability to turn on / off independently, for deep blacks, high contrast and sharper image quality.

The LG representative said that the most advanced in the market today is the 2nd generation OLED panel equipped on the LG OLED evo TV. The panel provides 20% higher brightness than its predecessor thanks to the design of multiple layers of strong emitting materials, fine-tuning the light wavelength, providing bright, detailed images, enhancing the visual experience.

In addition, the colors on LG OLED TVs are also original colors, certified by the global testing agency Intertek to have 100% fidelity. This means that the colors on the screen are close to the original image.

Which is the ideal TV for home entertainment?
LG OLED TVs certified by the global testing agency Intertek to have 100% color fidelity

In parallel to improving the panel, to push the image quality to be optimal, LG equips the 4K Alpha9 AI processor 4th generation on LG OLED evo. The AI ​​Picture Pro feature automatically analyzes the scene, brightness – darkness and chooses the best display settings. Thanks to that, each image in football programs, racing, movies… is smooth and vivid.

Which is the ideal TV for home entertainment?
LG OLED evo TV brings a world of home entertainment to life

Bring the cinema home with Dolby technology

Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos – the leading picture and sound technologies of Hollywood filmmakers are included in the LG OLED evo TV, creating a high-end theater-standard home cinema experience. If Dolby Vision IQ helps ensure sharp and realistic images according to the director’s intentions, Dolby Atmos is the most advanced surround sound standard today.

According to LG representatives, Dolby Atmos is capable of emitting vivid multi-dimensional sound, creating the feeling that the sound moves in proportion to the image displayed on the screen instead of just coming from one direction. In other words, when watching movies on LG OLED evo, viewers will feel like they are merging with the characters and the setting, feel the grandeur of each scene, hear the sound of water flowing in their ears or the sound of racing cars rushing from behind…

Which is the ideal TV for home entertainment?
Dolby Vision IQ picture standard and Dolby Atmos sound on OLED evo reproduce vividly and truthfully, giving users the feeling of being alive in each frame.

Fast response time makes the “game” smooth

The game will become a “catastrophe” when the members are constantly “out of blood” due to lag or large screen lag. With 120Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, G-SYNC compatibility, FreeSync Premium and VRR reduce screen tearing, and easily connect and deliver optimal visuals for popular handheld game consoles Turns out, LG OLED evo is the “value for money” choice of gamers.

Despite being equipped with a range of modern technologies and features, LG OLED evo is only about 2cm thin with a smart wall mount designed to sink into the TV body.

The “ultra” thin, delicate design and Gallery Design mode have turned the evo OLED TV into a “work of art” in the middle of the living room, creating a living space with high aesthetic value.

Which is the ideal TV for home entertainment?
LG OLED evo has an “ultra” thin, delicate design, enhancing living space

Over 55 years of development, LG has continuously improved both technology and design, bringing users pioneering features that fully meet even the most demanding requirements. With the OLED evo, LG has once again demonstrated its outstanding creativity, its desire to bring users of all ages with business-class entertainment experiences right at home.

LG OLED TV lines are increasingly diverse in both models and price segments, suitable for the modern life of all customers. Besides OLED, LG will launch a promising miniLED screen technology LG QNED TV line in the near future.

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