Which carrier has the leading 4G coverage in Vietnam?

This is a question that many mobile users are interested in in the context of the 5G network being tested in Vietnam.

Up to now, Vietnamese operators have deployed 5G commercial and service trials in 8 provinces, cities and localities: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Thu Duc, Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, Binh Phuoc, Thua Thien – Hue and Ba Ria – Vung Tau. The average 5G speed in Vietnam is currently between 500-600 Mbps, 10 times faster than 4G network access speed.

Up to this point, 8 provinces/cities have 5G Viettel waves

However, according to Viettel’s representative, it will take some time for the testing to be completed and the 5G network to be commercialized in Vietnam. In the meantime, the current 4G network still plays an important role for mobile users. Therefore, the operator with the leading 4G network infrastructure will be an advantage to “score” with users.

Opensignal’s September 2021 Mobile Network Experience Report published publicly on this organization’s website shows that Viettel is the leading operator in experiencing 4G coverage in Vietnam. . Viettel is rated at 8.8/10 points in terms of 4G coverage experience.

OpenSignal is an independent agency dedicated to analyzing users’ mobile experiences. Its reporting is based on analysis of billions of user-shared measurements.

Which carrier has the leading 4G coverage in Vietnam?

According to the above report, not only strong in coverage area, Viettel’s 4G network availability is rated the highest when reaching 90%; Viettel’s downlink mobile Internet speed experience ranked first with 28.3 Mbps. Opensignal also shows that Viettel’s video, gaming, and voice experience is the most appreciated. Overall, Viettel impressed when leading in 6/7 categories in terms of mobile user experience.

Always striving to improve the user experience, so that users can easily check and monitor, Viettel also provides a tool to help monitor the quality of this carrier’s 4G coverage at any location. Accordingly, users only need to visit the website to be able to look up the details of the exact 4G coverage.

In case of signal problems, users can contact Viettel for help. This is also how Viettel collects customer opinions, in order to proactively deploy more technical solutions to improve the quality of network infrastructure.

Remove the “concave” of mobile internet right in September for online learning

In addition, a representative of Viettel said that, right in September 2021, in order to ensure the demand for online learning for students in even difficult areas, the network operator will install a series of BTS covered stations. 100% coverage of mobile internet “concave areas” in all localities are implementing distance according to Directive 16 of the Government.

Viettel’s representative said that, to do this, 1,500 more broadcast stations will be built, 5,000 solutions to upgrade capacity for the network will be implemented by Viettel’s engineers.

Along with ensuring coverage and connection speed, Viettel will offer 100% free access to and use of the Viettel Study online education platform for all students nationwide.

The Group also offers 100% free data access to K12 Online education applications, SMAS school management software and an additional 50% of data traffic for student packages (from 14-22). the age).

Regarding computers to ensure learning, 37,000 officers and employees of Viettel will donate 37,000 tablets to pupils and students from poor and near-poor households nationwide.

According to Viettel’s representative, these contributions are the hearts of Viettel people to the future generation of the country. The campaign “Waves and computers for children” will strengthen the journey to close the educational gap.

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