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People aged 64-75 years have the highest risk of lung cancer of any age group.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in both men and women in the United States. Lung cancer is often detected late, leading to ineffective treatment.

In 2021, there will be an estimated 235,760 new cases of lung cancer and 131,880 deaths from the disease. Lung cancer used to be more common in men, but rates have increased in women over the past few decades. The average age at diagnosis of lung cancer is 71, with more than 50% of these cancers occurring in people aged 55 to 74.

According to statistics of the American Cancer Society (ACS), the age group with the highest risk of lung cancer is 55 – 64 years old, with the rate of 21.9%; 65-74 years old has a rate of 34.4% and 75-84 years old has a rate of 26.6%.

Age group Percentage of lung cancer cases
20-34 years old 0.2%
35-44 years old 0.9%
45-54 years old 6.1%
55-64 years old 21.9%
65-74 years old 34.4%
75-84 years old 26.6%
Over 84 9.7%

Overall, lung cancer incidence rates are declining, with age-adjusted mortality rates decreasing by about 3.8% per year between 2010 and 2019. However, lung cancer rates are among young adults. is increasing in recent years.

The age group over 40 has a high risk of lung cancer. Photo Freepik

For the group over 40 years old

The 65-74 year old group is found to have the highest risk of lung cancer because people over the age of 40 have more “typical” symptoms of lung cancer and it’s easier for doctors to diagnose than younger people. year old.

For this age group, common early symptoms of lung cancer include:

Persistent cough: cough due to lung cancer can be dry cough, wet cough.

Chest pain, difficulty breathing: Initially, dyspnea may appear only with exercise and may be mistaken for age or inactivity.

Back pain, abdominal pain: symptoms due to metastases such as back pain with bone metastases, headache, visual changes, weakness with brain metastases or nausea and abdominal pain with liver metastases.

Cancer fatigue: Lung cancer-related fatigue can be serious and unlikely to improve after a good night’s sleep.

Lung cancer in the group of over 40 years old is manifested by common signs such as coughing up blood, recurrent respiratory infections, unintended weight loss, swollen lymph nodes in the neck or in the area just above the collarbone (superclavian lymph nodes). ). When lung cancer metastasizes, patients have manifestations such as jaundice, pathological fractures, spinal cord compression or seizures due to brain metastases.

Smoking increases the risk of lung cancer.  Photo: Shutterstock

Smoking increases the risk of lung cancer. Photo: Shutterstock

For the group under 40 years old

While about half of lung cancers are diagnosed between the ages of 55 and 74, non-small cell lung cancer can occur at any age, even in children. Notably, rates of lung cancer are increasing among young adults who have never smoked. Lung cancer in the under 40 age group is more common in women than in men. In a study that looked at people 20-49 years old with lung cancer, 28% of women and 18.6% of men had never smoked.

The type of lung cancer commonly seen in non-smokers tends to develop in the outer regions of the lungs, away from the major airways. Therefore, they are less likely to experience symptoms related to airway obstruction such as coughing.

Lung cancer in young people is often diagnosed later than in older people, leading to cancer metastasis affecting many other organs.

Young people with lung cancer can experience all of the symptoms of lung cancer listed above, but the most common are shortness of breath and fatigue. These symptoms may be mild at first and are easily missed by confusion with another medical condition.

Signs of lung cancer such as coughing up blood or recurrent respiratory infections are less common in young people. Instead, signs related to cancer metastasis to other areas of the body may be the first warning. Examples include weakness or difficulty walking (due to brain or bone metastases in the spine), jaundice, or widespread lymph nodes in the neck or above the collarbone.

Lung cancer is most common between the ages of 54 and 75 but can occur at any age. Older adults often have typical symptoms of lung cancer such as a persistent cough or hemoptysis, while younger people often have vague, easily confused symptoms, such as severe fatigue and shortness of breath when they are sick. work.

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