Where has the boss of Google been hiding all year?

Larry Page didn’t show up for months. It is reported that he is living in seclusion in Fiji, an island nation that was closed to tourists during the outbreak of the pandemic.

In the news on the situation of Covid-19 broadcast on June 19, Fiji media, FBC News said that Google co-founder Larry Page donated medical supplies to the island nation by private jet. A few days later, this information was removed.

According to an unnamed person, the country’s health authorities asked for the article to be removed, and said it was not public information.

Larry Page's tragic song 1

Larry Page has been acting mysteriously for the past year. Photo: Reuters.

Post by FBC News Necessary supplies, such as masks, protective gear and gloves, were sent by private jet from Hawaii to Fiji’s Nadi International Airport. Earlier, social networks spread a photo of a cargo plane believed to be Larry Page.

Follow Business Insider, by checking the registration number in the database, the aircraft was licensed to Blue City Holdings, the car management company of the Google co-founder.

No word from Larry Page for the past year. His whereabouts and activities are a mystery. Still, Page still wields influence over one of the world’s largest technology corporations.

Both Larry Page and Sergey Brin left their positions as Google leaders at the end of 2019. They avoid having to be accountable to the US legislature similar to Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and Tim Cook.

Even so, these co-founders still have a decisive voice on important issues, through the voting rights they hold.

Larry Page's tragic song 2

The plane carrying medical supplies to Fiji is believed to be owned by Larry Page. Photo: Twitter.

“That’s not normal, certainly not good governance,” said Nell Minow, vice president of consulting firm ValueEdge Advisors. “It’s rare that you see someone still associated with the company hang a ‘go fishing’ sign on the door and disappear.”

Page’s relationship with the island nation of Fiji is more than just a donation. According to sources of Business Insider, this billionaire lived there for months when Covid-19 broke out. Two locals claim to have seen Larry Page on the heart-shaped island of Tavarua.

He also appears on the smaller Namotu island, which is located nearby. Local residents also speculated that the Google founder had bought an island in the Mamanuca archipelago.

Larry Page did not respond to emails regarding this information. Spokespersons for Google, FBC News and Fiji’s Ministry of Health also declined to comment.

Fiji has many features to appeal to a privacy seeker like Larry Page. The country closed its borders to tourists during the pandemic.

However, last summer, Fiji allowed owners of superyachts and private planes to access it if they followed the quarantine rules.

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