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Where did the billionaire Jack Ma go missing, know how much property the owner of Alibaba Group has and which position in the world

Alibaba Group owner Jack Ma is one of the richest people in Asia. But Jack Ma has been missing for the last two months. He has not been seen in any public event since October. The news of Jack Ma’s disappearance intensified when he did not appear in the last episode of his own show ‘Business Hero of Africa’. Jack Ma’s tweet was last seen on October 10. He has neither surfaced since then nor has he received any tweet.

This year the wealth of 56-year-old English teacher and Chinese e-commerce king Jack Ma has come down to $ 50.9 billion. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Jack Ma is at number 25 in the list of the world’s 500 richest people. Jack Ma is one of the most successful humans, whose speeches are listened to by people. Jack Ma is someone who has built his own business.

Jack Ma missing after messing with Chinese government
Since speaking on a platform against the Chinese government, Jack Ma has not appeared on any platform nor in any program. He said in Shanghai’s speech that there is no matured financial system in China. Also, Jack Ma had told the banking system interest. He said that these banks only give loans to those who pledge something in return.

As a result, China’s market regulator announced the launch of an anti-monopoly investigation against the e-commerce giant Alibaba Group. As soon as the anti-trust investigation was announced against Alibaba, the regulatory agencies also issued a decree that their officials would decide the steps to be taken to monitor the ant group. And now Jack Ma himself is missing. The question is arising whether he is hidden or whether he has been hidden somewhere. Or is he imprisoned somewhere?

Chinese government’s action on Jack Ma
Due to the action of the Chinese government, there is such fear in the companies that in just two days, the big companies of China have lost about 15 lakh crore rupees. Billionaire Jaime Ma’s assets fell drastically by $ 11 billion since late October following actions taken by the Chinese government. This year the assets had increased to $ 61.7 billion. But now his assets are just $ 50.9 billion.

Just 2 days before the market listing in Shanghai and Hong Kong, the Chinese government banned Jack Ma’s IPO. After this, the property of Jack Ma and not Ant Group declined sharply. The Chinese government ordered an inquiry regarding Jack Ma’s monopoly over Ant Group.

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