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Where did covid-19 come from? The scientist involved in the WHO team said – the search for the origin of Covid 19 stopped

International scientists sent to China by the World Health Organization (WHO) to trace the origin of the corona virus said on Wednesday that the search has stopped. He warned that the avenues to unveil this mystery are fast closing. Meanwhile, an intelligence review of research into the origins of the virus through US President Joe Biden has proved inconclusive.

According to the news published on Wednesday through the Washington Post, it could not be decided during the intelligence review whether the virus spread from animals to humans or it was transmitted from a Chinese laboratory. Comments from experts posted by the WHO, published in the journal Nature, said that the investigation into the origin of the virus is at a critical juncture and requires immediate partnership, but instead there is a deadlock. He underlined that Chinese officials are still reluctant to provide some figures, citing, among other things, the confidentiality of patients.

team sent to wuhan

It is noteworthy that earlier this year the World Health Organization (WHO) sent a team of experts to Wuhan. Where the first case of human being infected with corona virus came in December 2019. The team went to find out what caused the epidemic, due to which about 45 lakh people have lost their lives all over the world and despite applying five billion doses of vaccine, more than 10 thousand are dying in the world every day.

It was feared

An analysis by WHO experts, published in March, raised the possibility of animal-to-human transmission of the virus and said that laboratory transmission of the virus is unlikely. WHO experts, however, say that their report is only the first step. He said, ‘The opportunity to investigate this important matter is fast running out. Any delay would make some studies in a biological way almost impossible.’ “For example, antibodies deplete over time and testing of samples from people who were infected in December 2019 will not prove beneficial with the passage of time,” he said.

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