When the enormous noise freezes Wawrinka and Köpfer in the middle of a match at Roland Garros

O time, suspend your flight. A significant noise was heard in Ile-de-France shortly before noon, this Wednesday, September 30. Caused by a fighter plane that broke the sound barrier, it surprised many people throughout Ile-de-France, and including even on the central court of Roland-Garros.

The Swiss Stanislas Wawrinka and the German Dominik Köpfer clashed when the noise sounded, startling the assembly, reduced due to the restrictions due to the Covid-19.

Players taken aback

Players, coaches and referees stared at each other for a few seconds, taken aback, before the referee shook his head and the match resumed.

As confirmed by the prefecture, this important noise was not an explosion but a fighter plane crossing the sound barrier.

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