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When the boss gave money to wear clothes, the angry female employee filed a case

Britain: A woman living in Britain sued the boss of her office, that too only because the boss asked her to come to the office after getting dressed properly. This matter is in great headlines in Britain. British woman Lisa Thompson is a hairdresser and works in a salon. The woman had complained to the Employment Tribunal, accusing the boss of gender discrimination. Later, the tribunal dismissed the woman’s allegation and ruled in favor of the boss.

Case on being asked to come to the office dressed properly

According to media reports, when Lisa Thompson, a hairdresser working in the salon, reached the office one day, the owner of the salon, Luke Daniels, raised questions about her hair and clothes. At the same time, Daniel gave 100 pounds to Lisa Thompson, asking her to buy the first type of clothes and get her hair cut properly. It is being told that the boss of the salon also offered free hair treatment to that woman. Because of this behavior of the boss, the woman felt herself humiliated and filed a case against the boss. Lisa Thompson also said in the complaint that she was discriminated against on the basis of age and gender.

The employment tribunal gave a verdict in favor of the boss

The British woman told the Employment Tribunal that Luke Daniels had made very lewd comments about clothes and hair. But the members of the tribunal rejected all the allegations of the woman and ruled in favor of the boss. Thompson told the Employment Tribunal that she had hurt her leg but then went to the salon. The woman had alleged that after making objectionable remarks on clothes and hair, the boss stopped her even after eating chewing gum. Luke Daniels argued in his defense that he told Lisa Thompson in a professional manner that he should come dressed well and come to the salon because it has a bad effect on the image of the salon.

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