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When teens lose the will to live

Adolescence is said to be the best age in life. Adolescents know, however, that it is a difficult time, to the point that a certain number of them even lose the will to live.

Between the ages of fifteen and twenty-four, suicide is the second leading cause of death after traffic accidents (and some of these accidents result from risk-taking). This represents 16% of all deaths in 2019 in this age group.

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It should be noted that deaths by suicide have greatly decreased over the past twenty years due to more appropriate prevention, but they are still too numerous. Any death of a teenager is a scandal and it is experienced as such by parents, by professionals, by society. They all wonder how we can lose the will to live when we are just starting out.

Hospitalization still necessary

Alongside these deaths, which particularly affect boys, there are suicide attempts which do not necessarily say their name and which are difficult to spot (excessive alcohol consumption, falling from a window or a balcony, etc. .). Attempts that concern girls much more. These are real calls for help: I ​​do not understand what is happening to me, I can no longer …

It is essential to name things correctly, to seek to understand and to react to any suicide attempt. Even if the severity is not immediately apparent, the adolescent should be taken to the hospital so that an assessment can be done. We could summarize the recommendations of the High Authority of Health by saying that a hospitalization of at least 48 hours is necessary in front of a case of attempted suicide in adolescence. The urgency is sometimes somatic with a vital risk that should not be underestimated. And she’s still psychological. We repeat: there is no such thing as a trivial suicide attempt. And the more it repeats itself, the less it is.

Psychic resuscitation

In this period of great identity questioning and great upheaval, teens are asking themselves many questions and sometimes, are sad, depressed or anxious … You have to be particularly sensitive to any sudden change in their life and in their behavior and not put that on the account of a simple adolescent crisis. This suffering can compromise their vital momentum. An evaluation and a treatment are desirable with his doctor, his pediatrician, a psychologist in middle school, high school or in town, in an adolescent center or a service for adolescents, a medico-psychological center …

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The treatment will consist of a kind of psychic resuscitation which first involves psychotherapy (treatment by talking, by playing) and, only in second intention, by other treatments such as an adapted drug such, for example, a antidepressant. Work with the family (family therapy) is also very effective in modifying the suffering of the adolescent, as also that of his family, who suffers with him.

We consider that the adolescent is cured when he has resuscitated himself and found the will to live again. When everyone in the family resumes the course of their ordinary life. As Jules says, coming out of a suicidal moment, “when you consider again that life is worth living”.


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