When is considered premature ejaculation?

A young man, 28 years old, went to the doctor because he thought he had premature ejaculation due to his “shorter time on sex and on film”.

Examination at the Faculty of Male and Sexual Medicine, Hanoi Medical University Hospital, on March 9, patients said the sex time was only 7-8 minutes. He thinks he has premature ejaculation because not being like his friends “can last up to 20 or 30 minutes”.

Dr. Nguyen Hoai Bac, Head of the Department of Namology and Sexual Medicine, said most people claim to have premature ejaculation before being examined and diagnosed by a doctor. Many men, when they are not popularized, can easily ejaculate prematurely due to anxiety and stress; next time will improve much more. In this case, this patient may be too anxious to lead to low self-esteem.

The World Sex Medicine Association defines premature ejaculation as a male ejaculation disorder characterized by always ejaculating earlier or within one minute of intercourse. Patient is incapable of controlling ejaculation, psychologically affected, low self-esteem, stress, frustration and avoidance of sexual intercourse. Premature ejaculation is not related to reproductive function, the patient still has a baby, the amount of testosterone in the blood can still be normal.

There are 4 types of premature ejaculation, including primary ejaculation, which usually occurs from the first sexual intercourse. Sex lasts less than a minute.

Secondary premature ejaculation occurs slowly or suddenly in men who are having normal sex, sex less than three minutes.

Altered premature ejaculation is a change in sexual performance characterized by anomalies and inconsistencies, meaning that when having sex with this person in this particular situation there is no premature ejaculation but When having sex with another person, or in other circumstances, it is possible to ejaculate prematurely

Subjective premature ejaculation, which causes the patient to express his or her subjective thoughts that he or she has premature ejaculation, when in fact sex is within the normal range or even longer than usual.

Therefore, it is clear that the patient belongs to which type of premature ejaculation, the cause of the disease, helps doctors to plan treatment for the patient. “Sometimes, just with counseling to change awareness and relational behavior can help patients deal with this situation,” Dr. Bac emphasized.

There are many ways to treat premature ejaculation, but the most effective are psychotherapy and drug use.

Absolutely do not arbitrarily buy and use drugs that enhance sexual function or treat meals. If you suspect that you have premature ejaculation, you should go to a medical facility specializing in male medicine for advice and proper treatment of the disease.

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