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When do we go where ?

Why do people sleep on the streets? How many grains of sand are there on the beach? What are wars for? Why are you forcing me to eat spinach? Some days I feel like I’m confused with the Whatwhen it’s not with Madame Irma. “Dad, when are we going where?” », already wondered Renaud in one of his most personal songs, the accuracy of which has always overwhelmed me. This is undoubtedly one of the dizzying aspects of parenthood: your children – more or less until adolescence – imagine that you know everything about everything.

Geopolitics, weather, history, Pokémon, theology, road traffic, astronomy… From the trivial to the essential, they cook you literally on everything and anything, eager for the definitive and enlightened answers that you will not fail to provide them, when well even you don’t know anything about it. This absolute confidence obliges us. We are, in the eyes of our sons and daughters, the repositories of the vast world, the guarantors of the human adventure. It is up to us to educate them, in the etymological sense of the term (lead outside, raise). Time of elucidation, of daily unveiling, childhood rhymes with learning. And who says learning says transmitting, even if this notion does not appeal to everyone today.

Don’t leave these rains of questions unanswered

In any case, I try to do my best to do it, even if, in many areas, my incompetence is glaring. For a long time, I considered that I could not leave these rains of compelling questions unanswered. Kick for touch ? Very little for me. Quit embroidering! Another contemporary singer – rapper Orelsan – described very well the comfortable security we keep our children in by pretending to know everything, and the consequences that adult honesty can bring: “I’m 7 years old, life is easy/When I don’t know, I ask my mother/One day she told me, “I don’t know everything”/I lost faith in the universe . »

With experience, you learn to referee. Some evenings, when the existential doubts specific to childhood well up, you have to know how to find the words that reassure, even if you don’t know anything about it, if you yourself are lost, even if the world is never at shelter from the worst. They will have plenty of time to find out. Let’s not rush anything. On lighter subjects, it seems to me just as necessary to be able to recognize that we don’t know. “There, you ask me a glue but I can teach you to look for answers”, seems a good alternative, for factual questions, easily verifiable. A way, too, to gently introduce the idea that parents are not superheroes, but predecessors who do their best, and that is perhaps the main thing.

And above all, let’s not forget to laugh about it. One day, my youngest 4 year old asked me insistently if it was going to snow, and to tell the truth, I didn’t know anything about it. “There is no writing Mrs. Weather on my forehead! », I finally let go with a wink. Then, with an indignant look, very seriously, the interested party scrutinized the top of my face: “But I can’t read! »


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