When do I need to resubmit my Covid-19 vaccination information?

In case of denied vaccination updates, the Portal will respond by SMS via the phone number provided.

In the past few days, many people with wrong information on the system, who have been vaccinated for weeks but have not been confirmed, have sent their complaints to the Covid-19 Immunization Portal ( to be adjusted.

According to the Center for Disease Control of Ho Chi Minh City (HCDC), the system that receives information about Covid-19 vaccine injections accepts additional documents related to vaccination (appointment letter for injection, screening certificate, information appointment message…) next to the vaccination certificate. “Due to the large amount of feedback and accuracy requirements, the system needs time to review and compare information,” the HCDC representative said.

After being granted an account by the Ministry of Health to access the complaint management system, HCDC cooperated with the Department of Information and Communications to develop a process and organize the handling of complaints. The decision to approve or deny the feedback is made through reviewing and comparing the information provided by the people and the information on the certification or other documents related to the vaccination, ensuring the accuracy. correct when updating the system.

In cases where the reflection is denied, the system responds with a message with the content The information you have reflected on the Covid-19 vaccination portal is not correct, please visit the website to create a new reflection.. The reason for refusing to reflect is also recorded on the system.

People can call the switchboard of the Ministry of Health 1900 9095 for specific information on the reason for the refusal to reflect.

In case the reflection is approved, the data will be transferred to update on the system and feedback to the people by texting via the phone number provided in the reflection when the update result is successful.

Currently, many cases have received two doses of the vaccine, but the system will record “not vaccinated”, or “have given a vaccine”, or incorrect personal information. Photo: Bao Loc

The Covid-19 Immunization Portal, jointly implemented by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Information and Communications, allows people and organizations to register for injections and look up vaccination certificates; registration of vaccination establishments; and publicize information on the number of vaccines, the distribution of vaccines, the number of registered and vaccinated subjects, and vaccination results.

A certificate of vaccination is one of the conditions for people to be granted a Covid-19 green card. The vaccination certificate is shown in each person’s electronic Health Book. People who have had two doses of vaccine – blue certification; single injection – yellow certification; No injections yet – white certification.

Le Phuong