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What you need to know about Marijuana grow lights?

What you need to know about Marijuana grow lights?

If you grow cannabis, you know that lighting is important for the health of your plants and your crops. Do you need to use LED grow lights?

The quality of modern LED diode marijuana grow lights is much better than a few decades ago. If you want to use them for lighting, you need to know some nuances. When switching from conventional high intensity discharge (HID) marijuana grow lights to LED marijuana grow lights , you need to be aware of the spectrum, the distance between leaves and lighting, the number and quality of the marijuana grow lights.

Wide range of LED marijuana grow lights

It’s not enough to just buy cannabis seeds at low prices , cannabis plants need different light to grow and mature. Using blue light grow lights will make your plants shorter, their leaves will be greener and your buds richer in cannabinoids and terpenes. Red light starts photosynthesis, while green, orange and yellow light provide only a fraction of the plant’s energy.

Some LEDs have a limited spectrum in order to save electricity, but these are poor marijuana grow lights for lighting when growing cannabis. You need a wide range of marijuana grow lights.

It’s not that easy to swap out HID grow lights for LEDs and quietly wait for great results. Yes, LED grow lights are good for lighting, but the harvest depends on the overall effort. In addition, the light intensity depends on the distance between the marijuana grow light and the plant.

It is for this reason that many farmers install lighting evenly scattered over a large area. They know it’s better than a central light source. The best approach is to use marijuana grow light rails and spread them over the entire plantation surface.

Lighting spectrum and properties

When light hits the leaves, it is absorbed as energy for growth, or perceived as a signal to trigger a specific mechanism (flowering, protection, etc.). Red and blue light is quickly absorbed by the upper leaves. Green, orange and yellow lights do not promote growth, but they trigger important mechanisms.

The red and blue colors are absorbed by the leaves and provide energy for the plant. It is important to provide such lighting for photosynthesis to all plants rather than relying on simple marijuana grow lights to support growth.

Heat from LED is different from HID

Since LEDs generate almost no heat, they can be placed close to plants. Some of the best luminaires allow you to reach distances of up to 10 cm. Thanks to the balanced spectrum and light distribution, you can safely move the marijuana grow lights around the room by varying the light intensity.

There is a common misconception that the heat from a marijuana grow light is not harmful. Heat is released in the form of infrared radiation (IR), electromagnetic waves like red, blue and green. HID grow lights emit enormous amounts of heat, which increases the room temperature.

This is why it is not recommended to put HID grow lights next to plants! You can do it with LED marijuana grow lights!

How many watts?

Watts measure the amount of electricity a marijuana grow light uses, not the amount of energy for plants. HID grow lights consume a lot of electricity but are not conducive to plant growth. They can be used as a heater.

On the marijuana grow light packaging, you can look up the photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) value to see how much light the plants will receive.

When choosing marijuana grow lights, select the desired wide spectrum and high PPFD. This will help you choose the best option.

Use lighting effectively

Think immediately about how you will install the lighting and which marijuana grow lights you will use. We recommend LED grow lights  because conventional grow lights generate excess heat and have a limited spectrum.

The right LED lighting will allow you to grow a good crop indoors with much less energy.

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