What will Apple announce during the 11/10 event?

Apple has just sent an invitation letter “One More Thing” for the upcoming 10/11 event. Technology introduction predicts the company will introduce new Mac computers here.

This is the third time Apple organization of online product launch events this year. Before that, the company introduced new watches and iPads in September, iPhone 12 in October. “Apples with defects” also promised to launch new Mac computers using self-designed chips instead of Intel before the end of the year. Therefore, the “One More Thing” event is likely to focus on this device.

“One More Thing” (one more thing) is a statement associated with the late General Director (CEO) Steve Jobs. He often uses it whenever the event is about to close to surprise the audience with the final product. During a phone call with analysts last week, CEO Tim Cook said, Apple is in the period of the “most prolific” product ever, implying that there are going to be more new things.

Apple has been using Intel chips for its laptops and Mac desktops since 2006. However, Intel’s manufacturing efforts in recent years have faced many challenges, affecting the release of newer, more modern chips. In June, Apple announced that it would use a self-designed chip, based on the basic chip architecture from ARM and already being used on iPhones and iPads.

Switching to homegrown chips will help Apple launch new computers faster, reduce costs and enable new features such as mobile networking, long-lasting batteries.

According to the source of BloombergApple will introduce 13-inch MacBook Pro, 16-inch MacBook Pro, and 13-inch MacBook Air with Apple Silicon chip in the event. However, they won’t be available until 2021. The complete transition from Intel chips to Apple Silicon could take two years.

Du Lam (According to Fortune, Bloomberg)

Pollution in China is severe because Apple accelerates production of iPhones

Pollution in China is severe because Apple accelerates production of iPhones

Air quality monitoring results in several major Chinese cities show that the level of air pollution is proportional to iPhone production output.


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