What we know (and which we do not know) of the violent brawl that broke out in Lyon after France-Switzerland

If throughout France the evening of the France-Switzerland match ended in disappointment on Monday, in Lyon, it also ended in violence. An impressive brawl broke out in the 2e borough of the city in the evening, according to videos posted on social networks and local media.

The violence erupted around 11 p.m., in front of the bars and restaurants on rue de la Monnaie and rue Mercière, in the city center and near Place Bellecour. Videos uploaded, that you can find in our video below, show a scene of chaos, during which hooded and masked or hooded individuals come to stir up trouble.

Blows are raining down, as are chairs and glass bottles. Some people seem to be suffering a real lynching. Sounds of powerful firecrackers can be heard.

A claim of the ultra-right

According to “Progress”, the police intervened to disperse the crowd. The regional daily, just like the site “Lyon Mag”, cite the hypothesis of members of the extreme right at the origin of this violence. They would have claimed responsibility for the attack on a Telegram channel close to these circles: Ouest Casual. A screenshot relayed on Twitter shows the video shared on the channel followed by a caption in English: “Lyonnais hooligans facing monkeys”.

Contacted by the “Obs”, the Rhône prefecture strongly condemns these events and evokes a “Brawl between groups of supporters”. She also cites this claim by “The ultra-right”, but specifies that“At this stage, it is not verified”. An investigation is underway to determine the circumstances of this violence, as well as their causes, which remain unknown, this Tuesday.

No questioning

The prefecture also denies gunfire, which some Internet users were concerned about, but explains that mortars were fired in the city center. The presence of a safety device to prevent overflows following the match made it possible to quickly put an end to the clashes, it is claimed.

No arrests were made and the firefighters did not have to intervene for the injured, underlines the prefecture. However, one person has lodged a complaint for beatings and is being examined by a doctor.

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