What was Tesla worried about when Joe Biden became President?

The goals that Mr. Joe Biden once declared on clean energy promise a lot of opportunities for Tesla next time. But not without worrying about Elon Musk’s electric car maker.

His job Joe Biden The election of US President promises many advantages for the electric car company Tesla. The goal that Mr. Biden once declared on clean energy could mean a new package of stimulus measures by the government for electric car manufacturers in the US, such as Tesla, or General Motors, Rivian and Lucid.

Specifically, Mr. Biden aims to surpass China in electric vehicle productivity, including in materials and parts; strengthening domestic battery research and development; At the same time, building electric vehicle charging station infrastructure, adding at least 500,000 charging stations in the US.

Mr. Biden also aims to build a program to incentivize consumers to sell used cars to exchange for green energy cars made in the US; In addition, work with states to create stricter emissions regulations for internal combustion engine vehicles.

It is known that Mr. Biden also plans to replace with electric vehicles for the federal government’s fleet, including those used for postal services and public services. Overall, the 46th US President’s plan includes creating 1 million new jobs in the domestic auto industry.

Overall Joe Biden’s emphasis on electric vehicle development is likely to benefit Tesla’s business, just waiting for the plans to be approved by Congress. But in contrast, the stronger enforcement of regulations on labor, finance … can also make Tesla and CEO Elon Musk difficult.

There will be worries for Elon Musk’s electric car company when Joe Biden becomes US President.

Elon Musk and Tesla has been in trouble with the National Labor Confederation in recent years. In September 2019. The California state court declared the company violated national labor laws, after Elon Musk said on Twitter that Tesla workers may have to give up potential stock rights if supporting union formation.

Tesla was required to hold meetings in the presence of the CEO to inform employees of their rights, as well as to disclose exactly how Tesla had violated the law in the past. However, the company is appealing the ruling.

In another incident, Elon Musk had to settle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, losing a total of $ 40 million in fines. That’s because the Tesla CEO tweeted in 2018, that he was planning to withdraw from the exchange at a price to buy back $ 420 a share, causing the stock to skyrocket according to rumors.

Above all, many people said that Joe Biden will be very concerned with the safety of self-driving cars, which the US administration has still somewhat overlooked for many years.

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