What to do when quickly testing Covid-19 to two lines?

Dropping a nasal sample into the rapid test kit, the result shows “two lines”, which is a positive sign. Doctors recommend that a positive rapid test is not sure that you have Covid-19, so you need to calm down and handle it appropriately.

Dr. Le Quoc Hung, Head of the Department of Tropical Diseases, Cho Ray Hospital, said the rapid test is a screening test, not a confirmatory test for Covid-19. When the rapid test is positive, the possibility that the person has had Covid-19 but not completely certain, can still be a false positive. These cases must be re-tested by confirmatory PCR.

Many people buy themselves Covid-19 rapid test kits to use, when there are “two lines” results, ie positive, they are anxious and have difficulty breathing. According to Dr. Hung, when any person is faced with a risk that they do not want, their body can react with nervousness, anxiety and difficulty breathing. Therefore, first of all, you need to stay calm.

A positive rapid test means that you are at risk, and you need to have a sense of protecting people around you. Immediately isolate from relatives, people in the office, avoid contact with people. Notify local medical staff so that they can re-determine the accuracy of the rapid test results, help determine if the tester has Covid-19 or just a false positive result, as well as instructions on the steps next treatment.

“You feel anxious, shortness of breath is a natural response of the body when faced with high risk factors. After a short period of time, you will be able to regulate your breathing and breathing.” Dr. Hung said.

While waiting for the confirmatory PCR test, you proceed with self-isolation measures as if you were infected. Monitor your health closely to take appropriate treatment, such as whether you have difficulty breathing, fever, cough or not, and how fever, cough …

Doctor Hung recommends that if you want to determine if you have real shortness of breath, you need to check every 15 to 30 minutes. In case the house has a device to measure SpO2, it should be noted that a reading below 95% in the condition of breathing air is a warning sign of hypoxia.

Can count breathing and heart rate. If the respiratory rate increases to more than 20 breaths per minute under resting conditions, it is a sign of possible danger. It is necessary to contact medical personnel to check again, because there are also cases where people have a faster breathing rate than normal people, such as people with previous lung disease.

The normal heart rate is at 80-100 beats per minute. If the respiratory rate is more than 20 times a minute, the heart rate is over 100 times a minute is a risk sign, combined with other manifestations of Covid-19 disease. At that time, you should contact your local health care provider to determine your own condition and take appropriate measures.

Covid-19 rapid test kit. Photo: AARP

Rapid antigen test is a rapid diagnostic test that detects the presence of Covid-19 virus antigens in respiratory fluid samples. This is a simple method, easy to implement, with results after only about 15 minutes, allowing rapid detection of infected people. Cases with positive results are isolated immediately and confirmed by RT-PCR.

The Ministry of Health in July announced 15 types of nCoV antigen rapid test kits that are licensed for use. The ministry also asked provinces to strengthen inspection, testing and control of nCoV testing products floating on the market.

Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health Nguyen Hoai Nam, in a press conference in mid-July, advised people not to buy quick test kits for sale online, which are not on the licensed list. Accordingly, many types of rapid tests sold on the market have low sensitivity and inaccurate results. People who test negative results will lose vigilance, go to many places, come into contact with many people, when in fact that result may be positive, risking spreading and spreading the disease to the community.

HCM City has increased rapid antigen testing from the end of June. The HCM City People’s Committee encourages businesses to pay for the cost of buying rapid tests and testing for employees once a week. The health sector has trained to use Covid-19 rapid test in export processing zones, industrial parks, high-tech parks and businesses in the area.

Le Phuong